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M7 Speed is the number one source for MINI Cooper Aftermarket Performance Products and MINI Cooper Parts.  We offer products that add performance, speed and style to most any new generation MINI Cooper including the supercharged R52S and R53, the turbocharged R55 Clubman, R56 Hatchback, R57 Convertible, R58 Coupe, R59 Roadster, R60 Countryman, R61 Paceman and even the new Generation 3 F55 4 Door and F56 Hatchback MINIs. Since 2002, M7 Speed has been designing, engineering and manufacturing parts for MINIs and is regarded as the world leader in MINI performance and innovation with high quality designs that are engineered, tested and proven to perform. M7 Speed products are coveted by MINI Cooper owners worldwide. 


 Featured Mini Cooper Performance Products

  1. M7 Turbo Heat Shield (2007-2010)

    M7 High Performance Turbo Heat Shield | Matte Black | 2007-2010 | 56-3M7111 | N14B Engine



    Redesigned & Reconfigured .......Hood Rubbing & Interference problems have been eliminated!

    The M7 Turbo Heat shield is a must have to prevent hood paint discoloration, scoop warping and underhood heat damage caused by excessive turbocharger heat. And it adds a great underhood finished look to your MINI. WOW!  Easy 15 minute installation DIY project.

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  2. MAXX Flo Low Restriction Intake Kit with 2 Stage Foam Filter

    M7 Speed MAXX-FLO (TM) Air Intake System | R55S-R61S | 2007-2015



    M7 has engineered the final word for an affordable high performance fresh air system for all 2007-2015 R55-R61 Turbocharged MINI Coopers. Our MAXX-FLO (TM) low restriction intake system is designed to eliminate all the problems found on similar aftermarket fresh air systems. Super easy to install with a complete installation mount kit, silicone connector elbow and all necessary hardware. It locates and attaches directly to the existing factory mounts. Add under-hood cool looks, awesome sound and great performance with the M7 Speed MAXX-FLO(TM)  High Performance intake system. 

    100% Made in The USA

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  3. M7 Silicone Turbo Charge Hose

    M7 Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe | R60 Countryman

    Regular Price: $169.00

    Special Price: $139.00


    Highest HP gain per $$ you can buy for the MINI Turbo engine. Simple installation and WOW effect! Add upto 4 WHP an 12 ft-lb torque with an easy afternoon bolt-on. Available in RED | BLUE | BLACK

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  4. M7 MINI Cooper Silicone Turbo Charge Hose-Colors

    M7 Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe | R55-R59 MINI Cooper

    Regular Price: $169.00

    Special Price: $139.00


    Highest HP gain per $$ you can buy for the MINI Turbo engine. Simple installation and WOW effect! Available in RED | BLUE | BLACK

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  5. R60/R61 Monster Strut Tower Brace Kit

    M7 R60/R61 Countryman MONSTER Strut Tower Brace Kit. | 60-5M7102



    Introducing the M7 Speed MONSTER Strut Tower Brace kit for the R60/R61 Countryman and Paceman. The design is based on our very successful R56 "J-Brace" but taken to the next level. Manufactured from solid aluminum bar and plate. If you want to add handling performance, driving excitement and serious off-road strength to the heavier Countryman platform this is a MUST-HAVE kit!

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  6. miltec

    Milltek Decat Downpipe


    Performance downpipe WITHOUT Catalytic Converter from MILLTEK. These are NOT street legal and only for OFF-ROAD or TRACK use. Large Bore Downpipe with 2.50 inch (63.50mm) pipe diameter produced in high quality 304 aircraft grade stainless steel. This material is anti-magnetic (other manufacturers stainless steel may not be) and is less susceptible to discoloration. This quality of stainless steel is used on all pipework and the total construction of the silencer. Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow and Milltek systems are increased in bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid range torque. Includes bungs for the O2 sensors. Learn More
  7. R56 Intercooler by Wagner Tuning

    Mini Cooper S R56 2007-2010 "Street Performance" Intercooler Kit from Wagner Tuning - 56-320200



    The Wagner-Tuning intercooler is highly regarded in the German performance car aftermaket for brands like Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and VW.  It features full German CAD based design, cast aluminum end tanks (not welded sheet metal) which gives the highest flow with the lowest pressure drop, furnace brazed bar and plate core design all skillfully welded together to create a fantastic product.  No wonder the German performance car forums are abuzz about Wagner-Tuning intercoolers.

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  8. ebc green

    EBC Brake Pads - Greenstuff 2000 Series Front DP21789


    When you’re rippin’ up the streets in your sporty ride, speedy brakes are essential for sudden stopping. Equip your high-powered auto for world-performance braking with EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads. This simple addition to your brake calipers brings immediate pedal response anytime you have to screech to a halt. As soon as your foot touches the pedal, your Green Stuff Brake Pads from EBC immediately respond – biting hard to deliver serious grip. Learn More
  9. Motormount

    R53 Billet Lower Engine Mounts 53-TS-MC-R53


    Torque Solution Engine Mounts: With Torque Solution engine mounts you will see and feel a difference in your vehicle. These mounts are made out of high grade billet aluminum material and steel. You can rest assure that with our superior material and design you will get optimal performance for years and decades to come. The mounts feature 70 durometer bushings which keep vibrations down to a minimum while keep your engine in place under hard acceleration, cornering, and braking. Weather you have a street, strip or autox/road race built car, Torque Solution mounts will deliver the performance you need under all conditions. Learn More
  10. ebc1

    EBC Brake Pads - Greenstuff 2000 Series Rear DP21931


    When you’re rippin’ up the streets in your sporty ride, speedy brakes are essential for sudden stopping. Equip your high-powered auto for world-performance braking with EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads. This simple addition to your brake calipers brings immediate pedal response anytime you have to screech to a halt. As soon as your foot touches the pedal, your Green Stuff Learn More
  11. ebc red

    R56 EBC Brake Pads - Redstuff Rear 56-DP31931C


    Muscle car drivers, rev up your engines. With EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads, your ride is perfectly-equipped to stop on a dime with no screeching. Keep your high-octane vehicle performing its best—whether or not it’s race-ready—with the simple investment of Red Brake Pads. The ceramic blend in these performance pads is engineered specifically for high-end European autos, muscle cars and other lean, mean street machines. Learn More
  12. R50, R52, R53 Canton Racing Aluminum Expansion Tank

    R50-R53 Aluminum "Exact-Fit" Coolant Tank - 53-380100

    Regular Price: $159.00

    Special Price: $145.00


    Is your coolant tank leaking? It is or it will be because the Gen 1 MINI suffers from a design flaw.  The plastic pressure tank is mounted directly above the exhaust manifold. And we all know how plastic and heat do not get along. Eventually your OEM tank will fail from the heat-guaranteed. Keep your fluid where you need it most--in your car--with Canton Racing expansion tanks offered by M7 Speed. Fabricated from heavy gauge aluminum and beautifully TIG welded by American craftsman.

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  13. Manic Motorsports

    Manic Motorsports ECU Flash Tuning for all "R" Series Turbo MINIs


    Using Manic Motorsports propitiatory software we can safely RE-FLASH (reprogram) most 2007 through 2015 R55-R61 MINIs WITHOUT dangerous and risky ECU dis-assembly. The entire process is done through plug-in OBD II protocol and takes only a few hours. Bring your car or send us your ECU. Call us for additional information or to make an appointment to unlock the amazing performance potential of your Turbo MINI and hang on for OMG!

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  14. R60 Countryman 2" Lift Kit

    R60-R61 Lift Kit MINI Cooper 2" (50mm)

    Regular Price: $579.00

    Special Price: $559.00


    Looking to add additional road clearance to your R60 Countryman or R61 Paceman? Weather you want to do some spirited off-road driving in the western deserts, explore deep into the northern woods or live in a high snowfall area you can now get it done in your MINI Countryman. By installing the M7 2" Lift Kit you will raise your car 2" front and rear. 

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MINI Gen 3 F Series goes Gran Turismo®6.

MINI goes Gran Turismo®6.
Starting today gamers can enjoy driving the virtual Generation 3 (we hope!) MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo.

Inspired by the brand's legendary motor racing success, the MINI Design Team has created the essence of a MINI to enable maximum racing performance in the game Gran Turismo®6 for PlayStation®3. "MINI has many highly emotional achievements to its name in motor racing. The MINI Clubman Vision Grand Turismo literally puts these onto the virtual race track in Gran Turismo 6. The image of a go-kart on the road has recurring appeal," says Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design. The 395 hp engine accelerates the MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.5 seconds. A sequential 6-speed transmission directs engine power to the permanent all-wheel drive system, guaranteeing optimum power transmission at all times, while gear shifting is achieved using wheel-mounted paddles.

MINI | Best New Car Investment

The new MINI: the new original is now
the new "Value Master" too.

The new MINI Cooper 5 door is the overall winner of all categories in the ranking that shows automobile models with the most lasting value in the German market, published by the automobile magazine "Auto Bild".  

2015 F56 JCW

The new 2015 MINI John Cooper Works | Pure driving  fun, more  extreme than ever: 

The tradition-steeped British premium automobile manufacturer launches the  current edition of the  top athlete in the  small car segment at the  2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.  The exceptional standing of the  new 2015 MINI John  Cooper  Works is due  to the  most  powerful engine ever installed in one  of the  brand's serial production models, suspension technology refined with racing  expertise and  model-specific design features that not only optimise the  car's  aerodynamic features but also underscore its exclusive  charisma. With its irresistible temperament

MINI takes on the performance world establishment

M7 Speed, The Ultimate MINI Performance Parts & Accessories Company invited to The Ultimate Street Car Challenge World Finals

Alter Ego Takes On American Muscle Cars at MIS

Amongst a crowd of LS-powered and all-wheel-drive titans, a MINI entered the arena with two goals. One was to have fun.  The other, to push Project Alter-Ego as hard as possible while improving my skills with the hope of driving the car home at the end of the weekend.  Call it what you want David and Goliath, Joe versus the Volcano, Revenge of the Nerds - I had brought a pea shooter to a gun fight.

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