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  • Eibach Rear Anti-Roll Bar 20mm 2 Way Adjustable.

    Tired of the sever understeer your MINI develops when pushing hard through the corners. This is a simple problem to correct. Simply add a larger diameter rear anti-roll bar and shift the MINI's balance from understeer towards neutral. 

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  • Gen 2 TrakPak | Stage 4 | Build Your Own Suspension Kit

    7% DISCOUNT on the complete bundled BYO TrakPak

    Select at least one item from each part group below and receive an additional 7% discount off the already individually discounted prices.

    These parts have been selected because of their unquestioned brand quality, proven performance and easy bolt-on fitment.  If you want to build a street warrior or track terrior that will bring home the gold metals then consider these perfectly mactch parts to build you dream project MINI.

    Engineered....Tested.... and Proven.

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