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Gen 3 MINI Engine Tuner Kits

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  • Gen 3 Stage 1 MAXXBoost OBD Tuner Kit

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    MAXXBoost Handheld OBDII Tuner for Gen 3 MINI Cooper (2014-2017) MINI Applications. It comes with one Stage 1 Tune Credit. Upgrade to Stage 2 and add additional options available at extra cost.

    The MAXXBoost Handheld Tuner Kits are easy to use with OBD plug-in operation and offer the owner the ability to restore the stock tune file back into the ECU at any time. All this with 100% vehicle up-time. Just plug in to OBD II and follow the instructions.**

    **Certain ECUs may need to be sent in to M7 Speed for password unlock. 


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