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  • N18 High Flow Silicone Intake Hose | MINI Cooper

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    100% silicone four-ply fiber reinforced intake hose for all MINIs equipped with the later model N18 turbocharged Prince engine. Offered in the four standard M7 colors (BLACK, RED, BLUE and GREEN). In addition to outstanding performance and the aforementioned design improvements it looks super cool and adds the under hood WOW factor MINI so desperately need.

    The M7 High Flow Intake Hose kit is the only one on the market that includes two electronic replicators necessary to keep the CEL (check engine light) off when using a non-OE part. Over 10,000 miles of testing were completed to prove the robustness and performance of this part.  It features two PCV hose connections and eliminates the problematic OE reducer bushing found at the intake hose/turbocharger connection. The common occurring event of sucking this part through the turbo and causing thousands of dollars in damage has been eliminated by installing the M7 N18 intake hose. Zero modifications are necessary for the install making this a true “direct-fit” bolt-on part for any late model Gen 2 MINI equipped with the N18 engine. 

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