"Exact-Fit" Oil Catch Can Kit | Billet Aluminum | Black Anodized | Gen 1 (R52S-R53)


Filter out the performance robbing oil mist in your crankcase vent system. This oil mist creates an oil film in critical places throughout the engine-- such as the intercooler-- where clean surfaces are critical to maximized heat transfer and on your MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) where the film will cause the sensor to send a false signal to your ECU killing performance. Install an M7 "Engineered...Tested...Proven" Oil Catch Can System today!

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The MINI Cooper S is prone to excessive oil vapor within the intake system from the positive pressure induction system from the factory. Once installed, the M7 catch can separates the oil vapors from the crankcase air before it is returned back into the intake charge, keeping your intercooler and sensors working at peak performance. If you've ever taken off your intercooler, you most likely noticed a build up of oil within each rubber boot sealing each end of the intercooler. Spray some cleaner into it and you'll quickly discover massive amounts of oil that build up inside the intercooler! This oil coating is not in itself harmful to the general operation of the engine, but it does affect the performance by limiting the efficiency of the intercooler in cooling the compressed intake charge -- not to mention gumming up various sensors and components including the critical intake valves.

Now with "Exact-Fit" pre-assembled hoses, there is no need to cut the factory breather tube. So, when it's time to sell your car, it can be returned to exact stock configuration.


  • "Exact-Fit" Installation Kit Included
  • Pre-assembled hose assemblies
  • Stainless steel bracket and mounting hardware
  • Eliminate intake tract oil contamination, carbon build-up and intake valve damage.
  • Prevent pre-mature sensor failure
  • Keep engine performance at peak levels

The M7 Oil Catch Can is not only functional, it's is a work of automotive performance ART! It is CNC machined from billet aluminum and adds a sharp look to your engine compartment.

 Available in:

  • Black Billet Aluminum  SKU: 53-3M7303
  • Carbon Fiber with billet bright aluminum top and bottom. SKU: 53-3M7305

Why install a M7 oil catch can you ask? With the M7 Oil Catch Can, your Mini Cooper's engine will be protected from excessive oil and hydrocarbon buildup which leads to performance-hindering oil film and sludge along your intake tract, on your engine control sensors and on your engine's intake valves. The end result is loss of power and a very expensive repair bill. This oil film & sludge can appear in other critical places throughout the engine-- such as the intercooler-- where clean surfaces are critical for maximized heat transfer and on your MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) where the film will cause the sensor to send a false signal to your ECU killing performance. By capturing excess oil vapor and particles, the M7 Oil Catch Can ensures that oil film and sludge will not become a factor in your vehicle's performance. If you don't think your engine is pumping oil back through your intake system, remove the breather tube and look at all the oil!.  The breather tube connects directly to you intake hose and directs this oily mess back through your engine to be burned.

The pre-made hoses are high quality "Made in the USA" automotive grade designed to withstand the rigors of the under-hood environment and to not degrade when exposed to oil. Beware of other "low cost" catch can systems that use silicone hoses because oil and silicone are not compatible. Silicone hoses will will eventually deteriorate and make an absolute mess of your engine compartment. The can is finished off with an oil drain plug and an easy to view sight tube. The sight tube lets you know the amount of oil in the can and when it is time to drain it.. 

This is an easy to install great D-I-Y project. All hoses, brackets, clamps and necessary fittings are included, including easy-to-follow step-by-step installation instructions.

By the best....Buy M7 Speed products!

Engineered. Tested. Proven to PERFORM.

Fitment Notes :

2008MINI CooperConvertible (R52S)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
2007MINI CooperConvertible (R52S)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
2006MINI CooperConvertible (R52S)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
2006MINI CooperHatchback (R53)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
2006MINI CooperHatchback (R53)S JCWL4 1.6L Supercharged
2005MINI CooperConvertible (R52S)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
2005MINI CooperHatchback (R53)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
2005MINI CooperHatchback (R53)S JCWL4 1.6L Supercharged
2004MINI CooperHatchback (R53)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
2004MINI CooperHatchback (R53)S JCWL4 1.6L Supercharged
2003MINI CooperHatchback (R53)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
2003MINI CooperHatchback (R53)S JCWL4 1.6L Supercharged
2002MINI CooperHatchback (R53)SL4 1.6L Supercharged
Additional Info
Additional Info
Manufacturer No
Color Black
Mfg's Part # 53-3M7303
Shipping Weight 4.0000
Length 8
Width 8
Height 8
Country of Manufacture United States
Customer Reviews (3)
Drain plug issues
Would Recommend
After having this on my Mini for over a year, it does catch oil that would be gong into the turbo. On the 2nd check and drain the aluminum plug stripped out in the aluminum threaded bottom housing. When I went to drain the can the bottom was oily which indicated that the plug and thick washer does not prevent the oil from leaking out. This needs to be redesigned and perhaps an o-ring or fabric washer needs to be used to prevent the drain from leaking. I was surprised how easily the plug stripped out of the threaded female plug hole. I added Teflon tape to the plug and hand tightened it hoping that it will stay in place. When I contacted M7, I never received a response from them. For the price they charge, I expect a bombproof unit that can be drained without worry about stripping out the threads. The unit was easy to install. Review by Sailorboy (Posted on 7/5/2018)
Beautiful can
Would Recommend
Just installed this beauty and looks fantastic in my engine, really makes it pop. Can itself looks soo good, but the rubber hoses sit a little funny in my car. Im not complaining it looks great and works great. Review by R53Chris (Posted on 6/15/2018)
Catch can
The product seems fine. I was hoping for some directions on the hose connections as I'm getting conflicting information on the net. Review by Phoenix (Posted on 3/31/2017)
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