Oil Catch Can Kit | 2011-2015 | R55-R59 | N18B Engine | 56-310306


Fits all R55-R59 MINIs with N18 1.6 Liter turbocharged engines.

Filter out the performance robbing oil mist in your crankcase vent system. This oil mist creates an oil film in critical places throughout the engine-- such as the intercooler-- where clean surfaces are critical to maximized heat transfer and on your MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) where the film will cause the sensor to send a false signal to your ECU killing performance. Install an M7 coalescing Oil Catch Can System today. Engineered....Tested....& Proven to Perform!  The M7 Catch can is the best engineered and best fitting system available for the MINI....PERIOD!

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    The NEW & IMPROVED Oil Catch Can kit for MINIs equipped with the N18B engine comes with a "designed-to-fit" stainless steel bracket, mounting hardware and pre-assembled hoses. Installation is super easy...no drilling and no special tools are needed. NOTE: This kit will fit on the firewall directly behind the outlet of the stock or aftermarket airbox.  It uses the factory tab located on the firewall. Fitment is guaranteed.

    Oil seperation is accomplished inside the can using coalescing seperation technology.  This system combines the small mist droplets coming from the engine crankcase into larger and heavier drops.  Gravity then pulls the heavy drops out of the flowstream and into the reseviour for collection. The cleaned airflow is then directed out of the OCC system and into the intake hose for recirculation.  Test results show up to 95% of the oil is removed from the PCV system with the M7 system in place. Baffes are not required because the airflow within the PCV system is very low. (less than 1 CFM)  At these extreamly low flow rates baffles would not seperate mist. Baffles are met to redirect flow withing a closed chamber. (as in in a muffler)

    "Forum experts and social hysteria" say an OCC is not needed but we beg to differ. Why do so many MINI owners suffer from carbon buildup on their intake valve? The answer is oil being recycled through the intake tract to be burned. With the M7 Oil Catch Can, your MINI Cooper's engine will be protected from excessive oil and hydrocarbon buildup which leads to performance-hindering oil film and sludge along your intake tract, on your engine control sensors and on your engine's intake valves.

    Because the 2007 & up MINI is a direct injection engine, the intake valves do not benefit from the cleaning action provided by the gasoline as in older port injection engines. Now all the oil blow-by burns and sticks to the intake valves and builds up into a flow choking hydrocarbon mess.  The end result is loss of power and a very expensive repair bill. This oil film & sludge can appear in other critical places throughout the engine-- such as the intercooler-- where clean surfaces are critical for maximized heat transfer and on your MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) where the film will cause the sensor to send a false signal to your ECU killing performance.

    By capturing excess oil vapor and particles, the M7 Oil Catch Can ensures that oil film and sludge will not become a factor in your vehicle's performance. If you don't think your engine is pumping oil back through your intake system, remove the breather tube and look at all the oil!.  The breather tube connects directly to you intake hose and directs this oily mess back through your engine to be burned.

    Now with our exclusive "Exact-Fit" pre-assembled hose kit and brackets makes installation super-easy for the DIYer


    • Precision CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum.
    • Robust design. All leak paths are o-ring sealed.
    • ZERO leakage GUARANTEED!  No Check Engine Lights (CEL or DTC codes)
    • Overall Dimensions
      • 2.7" [69mm] diameter]
      • 4.1" [105mm tall]
      • Holds 4.5 fl. oz. [132 ml]
    • Features a threaded and sealed dipstick to easily check reservoir level.
    • Bright black anodized for corrosion protection.
    • Pre-assembled hose assemblies.
    • Stainless steel bracket and mounting hardware.


    • Eliminate intake tract oil contamination, carbon build-up and intake valve damage.
    • Prevent premature sensor failure.
    • Keep engine performance at peak levels.
    • Removes upto 95% of the oil contained in the PCV airflow.

    The M7 Oil Catch Can is not only functional is a work of automotive performance ART! It is CNC machined from billet aluminum and adds a sharp look to your engine compartment.

    All hoses, brackets, clamps, necessary fittings and easy to follow detailed step-by-step instructions are included, including an oil drain plug and an easy to view sight tube. The sight tube lets you know the amount of oil in the can. The hoses are high quality "Made in the USA" automotive grade designed to withstand the rigors of the under-hood environment and to not degrade when exposed to oil. Beware of other "low cost" catch can systems that use silicone hoses because oil and silicone are not compatible. Silicone hoses will will eventually deteriorate and make an absolute mess of your engine compartment.

    By the best....Buy M7 Speed products! We are MINI Performance experts:

    FITMENT NOTE: Some 2011-2012 JCW models have a N14B engine installed from the factory.  To identify your engine see the pictures available above.  If your MINI JCW has a N14B engine order p/n 56-310303 HERE

    Engineered.....Tested.....& Proven to PERFORM!

    Fitment Notes :Fits all Gen 2 MINIs with N18 Engine. Note: Some 2011 & 2012 JCW models may have a N14 engine. Please verify engine type prior to ordering.

    2015MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperConvertible (R57)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperCoupe (R58)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperCoupe (R58)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperRoadster (R59)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperRoadster (R59)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperClubman (R55)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperClubman (R55)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperConvertible (R57)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperCoupe (R58)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperCoupe (R58)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperHatchback (R56)GPL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperRoadster (R59)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperRoadster (R59)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperClubman (R55)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperClubman (R55)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperConvertible (R57)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperCoupe (R58)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperCoupe (R58)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperHatchback (R56)GPL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperHatchback (R56)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperHatchback (R56)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperRoadster (R59)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperRoadster (R59)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperClubman (R55)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperClubman (R55)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperConvertible (R57)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperCoupe (R58)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperCoupe (R58)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperHatchback (R56)GPL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperHatchback (R56)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperHatchback (R56)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperRoadster (R59)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperRoadster (R59)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2011MINI CooperClubman (R55)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2011MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2011MINI CooperHatchback (R56)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2010MINI CooperClubman (R55)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2009MINI CooperClubman (R55)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    Additional Info
    Additional Info
    Manufacturer M7 Speed
    Color Black
    Mfg's Part # No
    Shipping Weight 5.0000
    Length 8
    Width 8
    Height 8
    Country of Manufacture
    Customer Reviews (5)
    Very nice product
    Would Recommend
    Excellent Review by Fonsi (Posted on 7/26/2021)
    Great quality
    Would Recommend
    Very happy with the quality of this product. It was super easy to install and looks good. I’ll add this to the list of great products I’ve gotten from M7. Review by ScminiR56 (Posted on 7/26/2021)
    Awesome product
    Would Recommend
    This Catch can is so easy to install, Has a great look, Very fast shipping, Review by Mini (Posted on 3/26/2021)
    Perfect product
    Would Recommend
    High quality parts all around, works as intended and was super easy to install. Would highly recommend.

    I left my lines a little long for a future application and one of them is a few inches above the turbo which made it too hot to touch so for longevity of the hoses I would recommend a turbo shield.
    Review by Cren2020 (Posted on 2/21/2021)
    Great product
    Would Recommend
    Very nice product. Was very easy to install and it looks great on the car.it is functional and it does what its design to do. Definitely recommend that other mini owner to get this product.it catches the oils and prevent it from getting into you intake. I love that it has a dip stick to check it level. Look like a part of the car, and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Review by Col34761 (Posted on 11/26/2020)
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