M7 R56 Tegris Splitter-(Lifetime Warranty) Fits 2011-2015 (LCI) Standard Bumper


Continuing on M7's tradition of being the innovator in Ultimate Mini Performance we are the only company in the World to offer the indestructible Tegris splitter for your Mini: GUARANTEED! In fact it is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! Select product to find out more info. New Easy-To-Install kit-Bumper removal not required.

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The M7 EXTREME Tegris Front Splitter is GUARANTEED* FOR LIFE!

Continuing M7’s tradition of innovation in Ultimate MINI Performance, we are excited to now offer the first and only indestructible splitter for your MINI...GUARANTEED!

Splitters sit low and in front of the car and are the first thing to make contact with road hazards, parking lot bumpers, curbs or racetrack surfaces. Our standard carbon fiber splitters look great and are strong but at the same time they are brittle and not made to withstand the rigors of road threats or racetrack events.

The M7 EXTREME Tegris Front Splitter is made from Tegris material…one of the strongest and lightest composite polymers available in the world. First developed as lightweight armor shielding to protect our troops in hostile environments, it has quickly found its way onto racetracks around the world. The use of Tegris for front splitters and under body contact blocks is already well proven in NASCAR and all forms of endurance and sports car racing worldwide for over 12 years.

Now you can have this bulletproof material on your Mini and not be concerned with wearing or breaking your splitter.

Here are the benefits of The M7 Extreme Tegris Front Splitter:

  • Impact Resistance: Tegris provides a 10x to 15x improvement in impact resistance over typical thermoplastic and thermoplastics composites. Its impact performance is so good that it is being used as an armor solution against ballistic threats.
  • Weight Reduction: Tegris’ low density allows for tremendous weight reduction compared to other higher density, glass-filled composite structures.
  • Abrasion Resistance: A Tegris splitter can drag on the race track for short periods without damaging it. So you can get lower on race day without the worry of damaging your splitter, and lower is always faster! NOTE: Prolonged splitter dragging will eventually wear it out.
  • Easy Mounting: All M7 Splitters are now 100% CAD designed and CNC cut to accurately match each unique MINI bumper profile and come with pre-drilled holes for a perfect fit every time.
  • NEW! No bumper removal required for installation! Improved mounting procedures and special fasteners have eliminated the need to remove your bumper cover for splitter installation. You can easily mount a M7 Splitter in less than one hour with no special skills or tools required. Each M7 Splitter Kit includes all mounting hardware and comprehensive installation instructions. 

The M7 splitter is expertly designed, uses the best material and has the best engineered attachment system making it the best Splitter Kit on the market…PERIOD! We are so confident in the quality of The M7 EXTREME Tegris that each M7 EXTREME Tegris Front Splitter is GUARANTEED* FOR LIFE!

Update: As of Jan 1, 2018 all M7 Splitters will be made from Tegris FS PW material. A gray/silver color with a visible weave pattern.

*See M7 Tegris Splitter Warranty for details
Fitment Notes :Fits 2011-2015 R55 through R59 Mini's equipped with a standard bumper cover. Will fit all factory chin spoiler (lip) variants.

2015MINI CooperConvertible (R57)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2015MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2015MINI CooperCoupe (R58)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2015MINI CooperCoupe (R58)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2015MINI CooperRoadster (R59)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2015MINI CooperRoadster (R59)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2014MINI CooperClubman (R55)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2014MINI CooperClubman (R55)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2014MINI CooperConvertible (R57)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2014MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2014MINI CooperCoupe (R58)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2014MINI CooperCoupe (R58)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2014MINI CooperRoadster (R59)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2014MINI CooperRoadster (R59)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2013MINI CooperClubman (R55)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2013MINI CooperClubman (R55)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2013MINI CooperConvertible (R57)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2013MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2013MINI CooperCoupe (R58)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2013MINI CooperCoupe (R58)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2013MINI CooperHatchback (R56)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2013MINI CooperHatchback (R56)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2013MINI CooperRoadster (R59)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2013MINI CooperRoadster (R59)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2012MINI CooperClubman (R55)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2012MINI CooperClubman (R55)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2012MINI CooperConvertible (R57)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2012MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2012MINI CooperCoupe (R58)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2012MINI CooperCoupe (R58)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2012MINI CooperHatchback (R56)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2012MINI CooperHatchback (R56)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2012MINI CooperRoadster (R59)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2012MINI CooperRoadster (R59)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2011MINI CooperClubman (R55)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2011MINI CooperClubman (R55)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2011MINI CooperConvertible (R57)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2011MINI CooperConvertible (R57)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
2011MINI CooperHatchback (R56)BaseL4 1.6L NA
2011MINI CooperHatchback (R56)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
Additional Info
Additional Info
Manufacturer M7 Speed
Color No
Mfg's Part # 56-4M7604
Shipping Weight 10.0000
Length 72
Width 24
Height 3
Country of Manufacture United States
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