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In 1975 The United States Congress adopted a piece of landmark legislation, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The Act was designed to prevent manufacturers from drafting grossly unfair consumer warranties and to make it economically viable for consumers to bring warranty suits by providing for the award of attorney's fees. States built on the themes of the Magnuson-Moss Act by later passing their own lemon laws. This was the beginning of the Lemon Law movement.

Although the Magnuson-Moss Act covers consumer products broadly, Congress was particularly concerned with unfair and inequitable automobile warranties. The following is an overview of the Act which outlines the situations in which the Act applies.

At M7 we believe our customers should empower themselves by knowing the consumer law and how it impacts you and the decisions you make about how you choose to modify your car. Many dealers attempt to intimidate customers into believing that modifications to your car and the installation of aftermarket parts and equipment will void the factory or extended warranty. THIS IS NOT A TRUE STATEMENT. Below we have provided links to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act, and 2 documents that break it down into simple language. We urge you to spend 15 minutes and review these documents. Don't be intimidated. Use the freedom and Rule of Law we have in the United States to make free and educated choices.

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