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Killer sound of air moving!!! by Lemondrop

This was easy to install and made an immediate difference. The sound of air moving fast is awesome. Feels a little quicker too.

amazing by allan

This thing absolutely rocks. Engine is smooth and docile at idle. explodes off the line, and pulls hugely faster to redline on my gen3 mini. At least 25 hp increase, and more like 35 or 40 ft. lb torque. Put the throttle to the floor and the overboost pushes you back in the seat. Well worth the money!!!

Don't Wait-Its Real! by John Mac

M7 used my car as one of the test cars while developing the Maxxboost tuner. This is the real thing. My F56 S was "soft" and drove like an economy car. Now it runs like my old Gen 2 which had the Manic Stage 2 tune. Thanks M7!

Perfect fit by Chris

Easy to install. Love it

R53 coolant tank - TU! by Grand-Cayman

Very nice construction. If the height were about 0.1-inches less you could avoid bending the tab with the 10 mm nut, but it's not that big of a deal to do. Tight fit, which is good. Have to remove 4 bolts to the coils but do not have to disconnect any electrical connections to get the tank in. Tank gets very hot to the touch when running the engine, which is why the plastic tank simply gives up after many years of heat cycling.

R60/R61 Countryman MONSTER Strut Tower Brace Kit by Don M

Very happy with my purchase. Looks great with the added performance.

Pita to install by Blinky

The install was a pita because the oem hose were like really tight and the OEM had rigged so the OEM hose wouldn't slide off easily so I had to cut the OEM hose off and slid the new m7 hose on with wd40.

Really great quality product by bluetown

I really like this addition to my Mini. While it's not the cheapest mod out there and it doesn't provide a ton of results that you can immediately feel, the quality of the materials and the look once installed more than make up for it. I added a fire extinguisher to one of the vertical bars with the anticipation of also using this brace as a location for a methanol kit some time in the future. But even without those, the thing just looks good in the car all while maintaining the rear seats (for my little ones). Nicely done M7.

AAA by trikerb

I like the idea that you do not get manifold heat as much in the engine compartment. Because the heat is more on the exhaust pipes it might help with efficacy.

Best upgrade available by Anphibian

Easy install, great customer service, makes the countryman look 1000 times better without affecting the mini feel. Recommend to anyone that ones a R60

Love It by Robin

It is a unbelievable sound and while a little pricey it is defiantly worth it. Swooosh

Air Intake - Countryman R60 by Don M

It was an easy install and it sounds great with the Turbo.

Cold Side Intercooler Elbow Kit - Countryman R60 by Don M

Looks great with the other M7 products. Plus, it can only help the performance.

M7 Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe | Red | R60 Countryman by Don M

Looks great with my other M7 products. Plus, this definitely can only help your engine performance.

R60 Countryman Oil Catch Can Kit by Don M

Another great product by M7. Easy install and it functions as described.

Turbo Heat Shield by Don M

The heat shield was an easy install and functions as described.

R52 CAI install by Paul

Received promptly with good follow up. Followed the detailed instructions and although it took some time, it was relatively straightforward and all the parts fit correctly. Main issue was closing the trunk lid with my tools inside after disconnecting the battery. Had to squeeze into the back seat area and find the release. Performance improved with faster throttle response and wonderful whining noise of the supercharger opening up.

Expectations Exceeded by MINI LOVER

All I can say is OMG! My MINI is a completely new car..ah...beast now. With The M7 MAXX-PERFORMANCE KIT and a Manic Stage 2 Tune I can hold my own with most anything on the street. The customer service was outstanding.

Great product by Nico

This a great product and shipping was fast.

Looks good by Neil

Awesome turbo sounds

Looks good by Neil

Helps a lot with heat

Fit exact by Neil

No noticeable difference from stock

Ok by Doodah

No noticeable difference after installation, but still glad I did it...

Perfect by Doodah

Fit like a glove

Excellent product and service by Sum guy 14

Easy ordering, quick delivery and a quality product !

Wish I knew 50k ago! by Richard

If you upgrade your cooper over OEM, their stock coils aren't strong enough. I added a K&N air intake and a Borla exhaust and had so much lag in the economy mode below when the turbo would jump in which is about 2200 rpms. I just put these in and no codes with TONS of low end HP. 5 minute installation, this is an absolute no brainer for Cooper owners.

Quick fix by clubman

Problem solved! Quick, easy and fast shipping! Thanks M7.

Awesome Product by Neto V

Awesome product and very easy to install.

Good products and service! by Cargalrt10

I ordered and installed these ignition coils and plugs on my r56 Cooper S. The coils are very nice and installed quickly without trouble. Unfortunately it didn’t fix my rough idle issue..moving on the an valve “clean” as there is not compression on cyl. 2 per a compression test. My mini is an oil burner so valve fouling is issue. These coils and plugs, however, were definitely needed and M7 Was super helpful in answering my questions! Great group of folks!

Worked like a charm by Ev

Misfire issues are gone. Idles much better. Shopping was quick. Going to start buying more from here

Awesome Sauce! by Big Kahuna

Dude... totally stoked about this thing. We were looking at having something welded up and cutting the bumper (bummer). Then found this solution and it rocks! Great solution for these PITA (but awesome) S's with their exhaust systems. Sharing to our local MINI club :)

Would Reccomend by Garrett.13

Both parts looked and fit great! Looks alone would be reason to order. Unsure of power gains as the previous owner had accidentally disconnected the factory air inlet. Fast shipping, great looks, great company.

recommend by Good clean look

The heat shield was easy to install and provides a good clean look. A bit pricey for a simple product. But if you want the look and the protection, pay it.

Mini ignition coil set by Ken

Great company to deal with, good prices and products. Good communication and fast shipping

Excellent quality and Customer Service! by Scot

All parts in package for installation. We had to wait for a part due to problems with supplier, but arrived and shipped quickly!

Very happy by LooseNut

The scoop is very easy to install. It actually took longer to dig out the few tools I needed than to to install it. I have only had the car out once for a trip to a restaurant with my 93 year old mother. Since she doesn't like to play the part of a rally co-driver I kept my driving style civil. I'll be driving quite a bit this weekend (MINIs on the Mack) so I'll really get a chance to test both performance and public appeal. No matter what anyone may say, though, I like the way it looks.

Wow. by Ray

I had added a bit larger turbo, fmic, CAI and free flow downpipe. This tune woke everything up. Get used to a lot of rice crispies (snap, crackle and pop). And as added bonus I stopped by their shop to have it done, very friendly and done in about an hour.

“Mini” bull bar! Literally! by UpStateDeb

Well I guess I was expecting something bigger. My countryman really dwarfed it. I didn’t want to put those big round lights on top. Just didn’t like the awkwardness of it. I put a 12” light bar on it. Meh! As far quality. A+ for that. Very well packaged. Installation was a breeze. I have to paint my bolt heads. You can see them from the side. Price? Well I think it is over priced. It is the only one out there that is a direct bolt on for us. I think we are paying for that too. Over all I guess I will get use to it. "M7 Response: Deb, we are disappointed you found the bull bar too small for your personal liking. During the design phase of this product we spent a lot of time getting the proportions right for the R60 MINI. Anything bigger would make the car look and feel front heavy. But we are happy that you found the workmanship and quality A+ Enjoy!”

cold air intake system. by Binny

A true cold air intake system. Easy to install. No engine bay heat. Awesome product.

A+++ by Arles

I'm a very happy customer, excellent product, good communication, fast shipping... highly recommended !!!

M7 Speed is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 346 user reviews.