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M7 cares about its customers by Louis D

This company cares about its customers and supporting the products it manufactures. I purchased what I thought to be a scratch and dent complete N18 high flow boot kit from ECS Tuning, but scratch and dent in this instance meant a missing parts kit; info ECS tuning buried in the description. ECS tuning was extremely unhelpful and didn’t lift a finger to assist me in getting the proper parts I needed to install the boot, saying I needed to reach out to M7 and I should’ve read the listing more carefully. (If only “missing parts kit” was as prominent as “scratch and dent”) M7 gave me a break on the parts package because of my experience with ECS. All I had to do was ask. M7 is a great company that looks at each customer service situation uniquely, they won a customer today. Thank You M7speed

09 mini cooper s by Pipo

Awesome fits like a glove

2020 F60 JCW - Lifted Review - A big No by Maerk

1) Love the lift. 2) Alignment barely achieved as all adjustment maxxed out. 3) Dynamic Dampers basically useless as everything is amplified. 4) When getting on throttle vehicle goes sloppy 5) JCW model limited in wheel choices due to calipers. 6) company quick to sell kit, no responses to emails after sale. 7) kit highly recommended for F60 S models without dynamic dampers and without front parking sensors. 8) Not Recommended for F60 JCW model. 9) Inspection of sway bar links after removal of kit revealed distorted threads. Kit was installed less than one month. 10) Kit was installed and factory wheels and tires were installed with 12.5mm spacers. This was done to fully evaluate the kit itself and rule out any other issues. It is believed the torque and HP of the JCW combined with all4 and traction control along with the new altered center of gravity resulted in some sketchy handling at higher speeds ( passing / interstate). - This is just my evaluation and once the kit was purchased there was no after sale assistance from M7 -

Two thumbs up, lots of pep and turbo noises by Dave B

I just installed the kit on my 2015 Countryman JCW. The plumbing takes some patience but everything fit perfectly. The cat install was reasonable except for a few heat shield bolts! Flash took about 50 mins to upload. The power increase is fantastic. The boost and pop off sounds are very pronounced compared to stock. 100% rec this kit to add fun to your Mini. I will be adding the Borla exhaust next.

M7 Didn't Misprint Anything, I Read It Wrong. by Mike B.

In my previous review about a misprint, I was at fault. I mistook 100-in for 100-ft. M7 did a great job with this product and I have logs to back it up. Just be sure to have a small torque wrench.

Great product so far, Wouldn't use the cover bolt included. Instruction Misprint. by Mike B.

Great product so far and definitely has an effect on engine bay and intake temps. Looks fantastic! My only gripe is that the supplied replacement valve cover bolt is not worth the risk installing. I slightly cracked my cover, thankfully not affecting the running of the car. It can just be held on with DEI gold thermal tape, not worth the risk damaging the cover. Also the instructions have a deadly misprint. It says to toqrue the cover bolt to "100 lbs or 12nm". So I set my wrench to 100 and cracked it. Then I realized they probably meant 10lb......too late...

2014 Mini Cooper Countryman S by Jason Daugherty

This exhaust system sounds amazing!!! It gives your car that nice low rumble and literally installed it in 45 min. My turbo spools up so much quicker and I do not have as much turbo lag. Nice seams on all the welds, very well made.

MaxxBoost turner kit by Scott

This by has been my best purchase ever stage 2 for my R56 N18 boy did this ever make a big difference she really run hard now just really amazing at the quality of this product and great customer service M7 crew really know the Mini's well top quality service

Think about what's missing by SoCalSteve

This is really a 10 minute install. However, a trailer requires electrical connections and a place to hook the safety chains. This kit provides neither.

WOWZA!!!! by James H

WOWZA what a difference. My Mini is like a rocket! Thank you M7.

Thumbs up from me by CollaredSleeves

Installation was fairly simple. Took about an hour taking my time, with no issues with the hardware. The box looks great in the compartment, and the supercharger whine sounds fantastic. At about the same price point as other intakes on the market, I'm very happy with it so far.

Protect and Perform by CollaredSleeves

I decided on this strut tower brace as a way to help stiffen the front suspension as well as protect against mushrooming. After carefully flattening the tower tops, the bar bolted down perfectly and has noticeably stiffened those tighter turns. Not to mention it looks great. I did have to mold the hood liner, but that's no big deal for the peace of mind that this bar provides.

M7 Catch Can Is Required for R60 Engines!! by Clearlakejoe

After spending literally thousands of dollars at the MINI service center and a local shop trying to diagnose hesitancy/jerking during acceleration, it was determined that "carbon buildup on the valves" was causing all the issues. That's when I found the M7 Oil Catch Can and installed in the breather system. Since installing the M7 product, I haven't had one issue and the 2011 Countryman S continues to drive like it was designed to. Last weekend I emptied nearly 14 oz. of watery sludge the M7 catch can had pulled from the airflow after only 10,000 miles. I would post a picture if I could and you would be amazed on the amount of crap that didn't go into the motor. I didn't expect this amount - and probably should be emptying every 5,000 miles from now on. I can only imagine all the issues this would have created (or re-created) flowing into the R60 engine. The airflow dynamics is a known issue with the R60 version, and for $200 this is a 100% solution so far. I highly recommend this product. Great design, well made and even looks pretty good.

Great except by Blake Knock

So I bought these to replace a set of aftermarket lower control arms on my 2013 Countryman S. They are way better and noise free. They are a bit heavy but that’s not the issue. Both grease guns I have aren’t able to push grease into the fitting. I’m not sure if it’s an air pocket and resistance or what. However the grease doesn’t go in and instead leaks between the gun and the fitting. Anyone have any recommendations or experienced similar problems.

Mean Snow Machine by Robert

Thanks for the lif lift kit. Got it just in time for the snow. Car looks great. Runs good. With those tires and all wheel drive, it ate the snow up. Had no issues getting around town. Funny story, while my car was parked at the dealership after the install, they told me they had several people inquire on purchasing the car.

Great product by Gen 3 pitbull

Easy no drilling installation. Super solid and vibration free. My light are rock steady. Great product

Excellent by Bruce

I love this strut tower brace. It is functional as well as visually appealing in a conservative way. I chose this brace particularly because it had a low profile on the strut towers and doesn't make contact with the heat extractor vents in my hood like my last strut tower brace did. You can always count on m7!!

Excellent by Starlet king

Excellent service and product quality is very good

Good Stuff! by Mini-addict

Once again this M7 product exceeded my expectations. Perfect fit, great looks and no CEL! Thanks M7

Quality built by mcheney7

Easy to install, instructions are adequate for the job. Nuts, bolts and hardware may be slightly different from what is in the instructions but you get the idea enough for this simple install. If installing skid plate, mount the bull bar first or you will not be able to access the hex head bolts that connect the adapter bracket to the frame bracket.

Easiest add on so far by mcheney7

This can be a one man job is you have your MINI on jack stands and use a floor jack and a scrap piece of wood to lift the back end of the skid plate up to the spacers. If installing the bull bar, mount the bull bar first or the skid plate will not allow for enough space for you to access the hex head bolts that connect the adapter bracket to the frame bracket.

Outstanding great value by Ted

Will buy from M7 again

Great quality Bosch coils by RR

Great replacement part for my 2012 R56 Base Mini. Fast reliable shipping. The coils worked fantastic.

Very well made by Matt

It looks great, takes a few minutes to install, fits with my cts turbo open air filter set up. Just a quality build to the catch can.

great look, just a little shake on take off by april

great look and after mini alignment, drives good except a slight wobble on take off. other than that if drives wonderful.

Great product! by Joseph

Though new to modding cars, I can say this is a great product! It was a really easy install and it sounds great. Haven't driven a lot with it yet but so far I'm not having any problems. My main concern is heat from the engine but I haven't run into that yet.

heavy duty by ted

Quick shipping/quality product at reasonable price. Will use M7 more.

What BMW should have done with the X1 in the first place by JW

Was finally able to install this lift kit on my 2019 F48 X1 X-Drive. Wow, what a huge improvement!!! Combined the kit with a set of Bilstein B6 shocks/struts (they were all coming out anyway so may as well upgrade) and ditched the runflats for a set of Falken Wildpeak AT Trail 225/55R18 tires on the stock style 569 wheels. Sits higher than an X3 and just about at the level of an X5. Tires clear by approximately 1/2 inch, so there is a little room to go even bigger in the future. The only issue installing was the rear adjustable sway bar links are a tight fit...actually we put the stock ones back in, which work just fine. Other than that, everything fit like a glove. Just a slight shimmy during acceleration, which seems to be going away as I drive it more. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to transform their X1 into something better.

M7 Team Has Your Back by Order # 100014711

My Eibach sway bar kit was missing the hardware and the M7 Team came through with the missing brackets and bushings just in time for me to install it over the weekend.

Good Quality by Jorge

easy to install is very nice

tow hook by magman855

great product looks awesome on my mini

Worth the wait by TK

Totally worth the wait (for files) with in gains and power!!

Best decision ever!! by TM-Boot

Totally worth the $$ and wait!! My Mini S is super powered and a whole new beast!! Highly recommend the whole package!!!

Great Product and Fantastic looks by Richard G

I lifted my Gen 2 Countryman with your 2" Stage 3 kit. It looks awesome. With new wheels it gives me huge clearance and a rugged look. My mechanic loved the kit and shaved 2 hours off their estimated time Next up is some rally lights. Thanks for the great parts.

Fantastic quality by BRG-Paul

Bought the MAXX -G swaybar end links from M7. I’m a mechanical engineer with 40 years in the business. I can say these end links are extremely well made and are far far superior to the OEM as well as a step above other aftermarket links. These are simply the best.

Red hose by Skip

I just received and installed a red hose. I already had all of the M7 hoses and they are first class. It is nice to finally have the complete set. It is super easy to install.

Thank you very much. by tatsuya goto,

Arrived very quickly! It was the product I expected.

The BEST! by PitBull

Incredible quality and workmanship, Perfect fit. Only minutes to install.

Regal order is below write. by tatsuya g,japan

*2006 MINI CooperHatchback (R53) S L4 1.6L Supercharged Great product. Fit perfect!

I can’t stop smiling by Anaxis

I just mounted the intake, removed the fresh air hose(a pointless piece of plastic), buttoned it up. I took it for a test drive. Better throttle response is evident at the start, I now can hear the turbo spool up and purge, and there is a definite overall performance increase. Definitely recommend. Easy to install, directions were straight forward. I have one small complaint: The N18 has 3 posts and one screw mounting point to hold the stock intake. M7’s has just the 3 posts which makes it want to shift slightly out of position. I’m going to make a bracket to mount the screw and hopefully seat the intake more firmly.

M7 Speed is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 40 user reviews.