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Quality offroad accessory by imperf3kt

Great quality and finish, installed easily on my 2017 F54 Clubman. Not just for looks, it's solid enough mounting to use it as a pulling location (IF you get stuck) lol.

Very Effective by Payton

You can hear the air being sucked in and it lets off a nice whooosshhh. I have it paired with an ALTA intake. very very easy to install, took me about 30 mins for everything. Could definitely do it faster. makes the engine bay look super clean. lot of compliments getting oil changes and service done

Great quality by ScminiR56

Very happy with the quality of this product. It was super easy to install and looks good. I’ll add this to the list of great products I’ve gotten from M7.

Very nice product by Fonsi



i think this is self explanatory

I love how it looks on my n18 by Jorge

a very complete piece with all its sensors so that you do not have the engine light on easy to install I love it

Fantastic by Tanner

This intake is one of the easiest and cleanest looking for the mini. The turbo and blow off sound after installing this is incredible. Would recommend anyone with a N18 engine to do this intake.

Straightforward install and nice sound! by Snowhuskyboy

Read the instructions twice and watched a YouTube video to get a visual before I began the install on my 2005 R53. Straightforward instructions helped the install go smoothly. Only ran into one problem--could not install the M7 airbox after re-connecting the ECU. The cable for the rear connector blocked the rear panel of the new airbox from meeting up against the firewall. Had to disconnect the rear connector on the ECU in order to get the new airbox to fit in place, then ran the connector cable through the cutout slot on the new airbox back panel to the ECU connector. I'd recommend reversing steps 12 and 13 on the instruction sheet--install the M7 airbox BEFORE re-connecting the ECU. Other than this, everything else went into place perfectly by following the instructions. Fired up the engine and immediately noticed that new sound for the supercharger. Awesome.

Fantastic by Mad Max

I have an AME true cold air intake in my 2012 mini cooper r58 jcw. The AEM intake came with a turbo shield. I am happy I changed it out for this M7 shield. Not only appearance reasons but the coverage and material is a fantastic upgrade to the AEM shield. I highly recommend this shield to protect your paint work and hood scoop. It will also lower the air temperature as cooler air travels through the scoop and hood mount tunnel into the sealed airbox. Shipping was amazingly fast compared to other companies that I use for upgrade parts.

Fantastic by Mad Max

I have an AME true cold air intake in my 2012 mini cooper r58 jcw. The AEM intake came with a turbo shield. I am happy I changed it out for this M7 shield. Not only appearance reasons but the coverage and material is a fantastic upgrade to the AEM shield. I highly recommend this shield to protect your paint work and hood scoop. It will also lower the air temperature as cooler air travels through the scoop and hood mount tunnel into the sealed airbox. Shipping was amazingly fast compared to other companies that I use for upgrade parts.

Great quality product by GregoryClive

I am new to the Mini community and was happy to found M7 Speed through many forums. Product feels and looks like great quality and install was extremely easy. M7 Speed is about a two hour drive away so looking forward to seeing what else I need / want for my Mini in person.

Good product Great Price by B0rkman

I just installed the product yesterday. Installation was easy and product quality was very good. Installation image for the N18 caused some co fusion on proper hose placement from engine inlet/outlet to can inlet outlet. I believe the hoses were crossed in image. Aside from that I am quite satisfied with the product and look forward to catching oil vapor before causing further build up on intake valves. Now is time to have walnut shell cleaning intake valves.

Turbo Heat Shield by Lesvzqz

Good fit and simple installation. The finish does blend with everything else on the engine. No need to remove plastic cover on the N18 engine.

easy install by Ray

After flattening the strut towers sufficiently, this was a simple bolt on. It looks great and I am glad I do not need to worry about any future mushrooming. I'll get the car aligned next in case removing the mushrooming threw it off a little, but I'm do anyway.

Perfect design and looks with added flow by Goad

Tubes look great! Work better then expected also.

Simple to install and looks great by Den

Installed in 10 minutes looks great

Best intake hose. by JaGoad

The only intake hose that takes ALL vacuum lines on the N18. Stop looking and just buy it.

Unexpected install by VILELEPRECHAUN

I was completely unprepared. I was going over everything for a weekend install on Tuesday after work. I decided to not wait till the weekend and ripped the car down at 6pm. Doing it by myself, the lift, 4 rear adjustable control arms, mounting and balancing wheels and tires I was done at 2am. Spring compressor is definitely not an opinion and a assistant is strongly recommended for getting the front back together. Rear was a cake walk.. so easy it's not even worth talking about. I put 225/70/16 Toyo Open Country AT III tires on and have minimal rubbing in the front at full steering stop.. Will be addressed soon. Axle vibration at around 25mph...The car looks so badass now I couldn't care less !!!!! Top shelf quality product. Would definitely recommend !!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE IT!! by Zero2sixty

Bought this after an ALTA performance pulley failed , this is a much better design , lighter , looks great and quality is by far better ... paired with a performance supercharger pulley ... I have wine all day and don't get tipsy >>> :)

Great look and fit by Lifted MINI

Everything fit as described. The RED accents from the hoses makes the under hood appearance look much better when at car shows. Love this kit!

Good quality and fitment by Evan

The instructions were clear and well laid out. The it included everything you need but mine was missing the plastic caps for the stock spoiler hole slots, so I just put some gloss black vinyl over them. The wing fit well and looks great. No issues at higher speeds or in drivethru car washes.

Great Product, easy install by COMINI

The install could not be easier. 10 minutes is for real the time it took me. Seems very well made. $400 seems a bit steep but that is my only complaint.

N18 High Flow Silicone Intake Hose by lesvzqz

The hose feels strong and it is flexible enough to handle it during installation. Easy and simple installation process without error codes. Even when it is not a deal breaker or a downside, but I wish someone is able to add the parts that come glued to the factory hose (where you connect the cables next to the PCV hoses) instead of a delete.

Quality product but minor deffects by Flickaflackafly

Upon putting together the noisemaker delete pipe I noticed the aluminum pipe that fits it side the two silicone hoses wasn’t completely pained on inside and wasn’t completely smooth. Still installed and so far runs great

Awesome product by Mini

This Catch can is so easy to install, Has a great look, Very fast shipping,


So far so good. The intake was pretty easy to install and the instructions were easy to understand. Had to do a little bit of trimming on the the elbow but it wasn’t too bad. The engine definitely sound loader and the turbo spool up and blow off is awesome! I definitely recommend.

Outstanding by Sheri

Yea!!! My hitch arrived! It was so easy to attach- literally less than 5 minutes! It looks great on my Mini Paceman. It also arrived a day early. Again, Thank you for the great products!

High Quality...... by Navwizard

This is clearly a well built high quality product. I had no trouble fitting it to my Countryman. The fact it has a dipstick is a really great idea and it takes a couple of seconds to check if it's time to empty it. A couple of minor improvements for future versions. The instructions could be a little clearer as they say things like "Connect to OCC Inlet"...except no where do they indicate which is the inlet and which is the outlet. I personally would prefer if the hoses could route near the air cleaner instead of over the turbo. At least in the Turbo MINIs it's hard to hold the nut for the mount, and I had to take the headlight out to get at it. What I ended up doing is put a nut on both sides (turning it into a stud) then used a wing nut so you can easily remove the mount to empty the can. These are minor issues though. Recommended! Also at least

Happy customer by Brody

Very happy with the item I got!

Excellent Strut Tower Brace by WCMiNi

This is the 2nd M7 strut tower brace I have purchased, the first being for my 2013 Clubman JCW, This one arrived in a timely fashion, was well packed, easy to install with the instructions provided.

Perfect product by Cren2020

High quality parts all around, works as intended and was super easy to install. Would highly recommend. I left my lines a little long for a future application and one of them is a few inches above the turbo which made it too hot to touch so for longevity of the hoses I would recommend a turbo shield.

R60 Exact-Fit oil catch can kit. by Duke R.

Excellent quality product as usual! Straight forward install once you figure out where the instructions advise mounting the can. The included photos were a bit too close up. A pic of the entire engine bay with a fully installed can would have saved time locating the proper area to install the catch can as my JCW model was different.

Great addition by RileyB

I have added the MAXX air flow along with this Intake Hose. The only thing I would say is that it is pretty expensive for what the hose actually is. But it looks nice with the heat shield and MAXX air flow.

Love the sound and fitment! by Chris W

Recently bought the M7 intake for my R53. Great product, love the sound and fit. I got a couple of friends to buy as well after my experience!

My Mini Needed It by Jerry J

Very well made and easy to install. May add a second one.

Nice part by D

Nice part good quality.

Great upgrade by Bad Ass Clubby

Love the response. Great addition with the other upgrades. Once I get the Max boost tune, this Clubby will be a blast to drive!!!

Good Product by Jason_C_R56

These coils are good quality, well made, and affordable but I gave them 4 stars just because I haven't noticed any difference since I installed them. They didn't improve anything really other than my peace of mind knowing they're new and fresh coils. If you're doing a build I would recommend these for anyone doing a build that is stage 2 or up but there could be better coils out there.

Looks, Sounds and Feels Great by Golka

Quick and easy install - less than 15 minutes. Looks great. Love the sound and can definitely feel the difference when driving.

Will recommend! by Tony Z

Fast shipping and parts well protected. Instructions were easy to follow and this being my 3rd M7 Mini component upgrade, it is what I have come to expect with this company. In my kit, the 4 crossbar bolts came in 2 depth sizes that were a few millimeters apart. The instructions didn't mention this, but we determined that the shorter bolts apply towards the middle while the slightly deeper ones on the outside holes. I did have to wet the underhood lining to adjust for the pop-up, but it settled in a matter of a few days. Looks great with the M7 CAI and MSD ignition and cables. Excellent product, highly recommend.

M7 Speed is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 417 user reviews.