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Great way to clean up the engine. Always great quality wity M7 by D

Great quality, and I love what it does to my engine bay

nice by JD

I rarely need it but when its time its quick and plenty rugged for smaller loads- wish it had safety chains attachment place-

Looks Great, works great by Eeyore

This brace is the best bang for buck out there with great looks. Even my mechanic said "Wow".

great product every single time. by #gas_bmw

I can rely on M7 to have what we need for our personal cars as well as our client cars.

First purchase, won't be my last... by MagnumIP

Excellent product and customer service. Couldn't ask for more.

Kickass! by Tito

I mounted the 2” hitch you guys make, it’s kickass and holds my mountain bikes like a camp! Thumbs Up!

Just buy it by Chris

Perfect thanks good quality and fast shipping. Thanks .

You know you want it ! by Chris

Worked perfect and looks good good quality product Thanks

Noticeable improvement! by Ryan

2015 R60 S All4: the 4th cylinder coil crapped out, so I upgraded with this kit. I immediately noticed the engine idles better than before, and there is a noticeable improvement in low end power and acceleration!

Unlocks Turbo whoosh by Mckobee

The maxx-flo air intake is fantastic. It adds a nice louder turbo spool with an even louder whoosh. Can be heard from uo to 1/4 mile out when standing on the street. Adds some lower end torque. Only problem I've encountered is every once and a while I'll get a half power code at higher rpms that says my mass air flow to high. Overall its a great air intake!

Runs like a champ. by Rex

Got the Car to Mark On Tuesday evening, by Wednesday mid morning he was done. I also added a Tower Strut and heat shield, My mini is stock. But with all the Goodies Mark has, it won't stay that way. AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!! Go See Mark TODAY!!!!!!

Just blew me away how simple the install was by JonBoy NotBilly

So simple a caveman could do it....

Personality upgrade by Conedamage

These were a fun way to give my R53 a little more personality. I love the variety of options of graphic styles. A nice quality of vinyl, was very easy to apply.

22mm Hollow Sway Bar by Don M

I love the new handling with my Sway Bar. Another great product from M7.

As advertised by 2011 Mini Countryman S All4

Quality product. Clear instructions and everything fit as advertised. To be totally honest, I did have to trim 1 hose for ideal fitment.

Awesome Product by 2011 Mini Countryman S All4

Quality product. Instructions were clear and install was a breeze.

Easy Install, Small Improvement by 2020GOGO

Installation of the Rear Chassis Brace will result in the rear seats being pushed forward slightly from their original positions, leaving a 2" gap between the seat backs and the rear package tray. This isn't mentioned in the product description and I might not have purchased this item if I'd known that ahead of time. To complete the installation you should really have a set of Torx bits (I think 8mm) and a ratchet, you can't get enough torque on the bolts otherwise. Installation takes about 45 minutes from start to finish. Performance-wise the improvement is there, but subtle, especially when compared with the handling improvement that the Front Strut Chassis Brace system made after it was installed. The brace system itself is well made and all of the parts are nicely finished. I purchased the system during the March 2020 sale; at the regular price point it would be too expensive for the performance value added.

Easy fix. by Zip2

I was getting some misfires in my 2007 R56 during acceleration. Decided to replace the existing coils with upgraded Bosch coils. Glad I did. Found that moisture had caused some rusting on the outside of the old coils. The new coils have no exposed metal and on the test drive after installation no more problem and very strong acceleration.,

Looks great by David

Always been looking to hide that ugly factory heat shield. Went on in 5 minutes, okay maybe 6 minutes. Looks awesome and will keep those under hood burn marks off. Great job. Thanks

Fits well in the engine compartment. by 2007 MINI COOPER S

All hoses and fittings included to complete a professional looking install. Installation time less then 20 minutes and no issues with the cars onboard computers.

9/10 Perfection by twowings

Beautifully constructed and finished, gorgeous styling, easy install! Just wish it had provisions for trailer safety chains...

Quality always shows! by Billy Dean

My Daughters '05 started leaking around the weld seam as usual! A friend told me about M7 and said they were great to work with, shipped on time and arrived perfect! One other thing, fitment is important, all the bolts lined up as they should with quality workmanship, great product and never will need to be done again!

Super Service and Products! by Chris G

I could not be more than happier with M7 Speed. After reviewing their website and being a local shop I drove over there since I just purchased my Mini. The Owner, Mark, took the time to come outside a take a look at my new (used) purchased to educate me on the Mini and what Performance parts would make sense. I left but found my self coming back few days later on Friday when they are typically closed and he was there catching up on work, however took the time to take me shopping in the back. He even game me two heat shields to test on the Mini trusting I would bring the other back. It is on its way back I swear. :) Anyway, truly appreciate the time he took both days to help out a newbie. Definitely will be purchasing more. I highly recommend the shop and website.

High quality, good service, too bad it won't fit by K5Mini

I ordered this kit for 2014 R55 S Clubman. On the plus side, the product is made of high quality materials and comes with everything you need to install (hoses, clamps, mounting bracket, etc.). On the down side, however, it will not fit my car since it has the manufacture air filter housing. The photos on the product site shows after-market air filter housing that leaves more room for this oil catch can to be installed. After talking to the technician about my installation issue, we mutually agreed to return the product. I did not receive any hard drive with the return, thus the high rating for the service. I would have rated this higher on the recommendation if the site did not show the after-market air filter housing or at least provide a warning. I wish it would fit but it didn't. But I was glad to be able to return for minimal restocking fee.

Good product by KCCountryman

I already have one on my R56 I know they work and are great quality. I have numerous m7 products on my minis.

Cool beans! by Garcia

Great kit and my Countryman grew muscles! I get a lot of positive compliments wherever I go. Good quality and great documentation.

Well made and good looking by Grand-Cayman

The grills fit very nicely and look good. They appear to be well made. The paint/powder coat looks good. I was a bit concerned they are made with carbon steel (as opposed to stainless), but less concerned after seeing them. You have to remove the bumper cover to install the middle grill, but that is easy.

If your looking at it just touch add to cart and get it by Chris

I would like to thank y’all for a quick and above the stars purchase and quick transaction. Never ordered items and received stickers in a separate envelope and sending me a set of mini eyes and I would like to thank all of you at M7 Y’all went above and beyond so if your reading this the product is more than you’ll ever believe on quality and shipped is fast and packaged well. Will be returning to make some more purchases. Ecstatic customer here.

Well put together package by Doc

Integrated components, service remains accessable Tightens up my 15 year old car


I got the tune installed thinking it would add a few horsepower and it would make a little bit of a difference to the performance. It wasn’t until I took my car out for a drive and was spinning the wheels all the way into THIRD GEAR that I realized how awesome it is! I have a 3rd gen mini and this tune puts a smile on my face every single time I get on the throttle. I can’t say enough positive things about it. It has made a huge difference in response and torque! 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Killer sound of air moving!!! by Lemondrop

This was easy to install and made an immediate difference. The sound of air moving fast is awesome. Feels a little quicker too.

amazing by allan

This thing absolutely rocks. Engine is smooth and docile at idle. explodes off the line, and pulls hugely faster to redline on my gen3 mini. At least 25 hp increase, and more like 35 or 40 ft. lb torque. Put the throttle to the floor and the overboost pushes you back in the seat. Well worth the money!!!

Perfect fit by Chris

Easy to install. Love it

Don't Wait-Its Real! by John Mac

M7 used my car as one of the test cars while developing the Maxxboost tuner. This is the real thing. My F56 S was "soft" and drove like an economy car. Now it runs like my old Gen 2 which had the Manic Stage 2 tune. Thanks M7!

R53 coolant tank - TU! by Grand-Cayman

Very nice construction. If the height were about 0.1-inches less you could avoid bending the tab with the 10 mm nut, but it's not that big of a deal to do. Tight fit, which is good. Have to remove 4 bolts to the coils but do not have to disconnect any electrical connections to get the tank in. Tank gets very hot to the touch when running the engine, which is why the plastic tank simply gives up after many years of heat cycling.

R60/R61 Countryman MONSTER Strut Tower Brace Kit by Don M

Very happy with my purchase. Looks great with the added performance.

Pita to install by Blinky

The install was a pita because the oem hose were like really tight and the OEM had rigged so the OEM hose wouldn't slide off easily so I had to cut the OEM hose off and slid the new m7 hose on with wd40.

Really great quality product by bluetown

I really like this addition to my Mini. While it's not the cheapest mod out there and it doesn't provide a ton of results that you can immediately feel, the quality of the materials and the look once installed more than make up for it. I added a fire extinguisher to one of the vertical bars with the anticipation of also using this brace as a location for a methanol kit some time in the future. But even without those, the thing just looks good in the car all while maintaining the rear seats (for my little ones). Nicely done M7.

AAA by trikerb

I like the idea that you do not get manifold heat as much in the engine compartment. Because the heat is more on the exhaust pipes it might help with efficacy.

Best upgrade available by Anphibian

Easy install, great customer service, makes the countryman look 1000 times better without affecting the mini feel. Recommend to anyone that ones a R60

M7 Speed is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 377 user reviews.