MAXXBoost OBD Tuners


 NOW Available for N14 and N18 MINI Applications  

MAXXBoost Handheld OBDII Tuner for all turbocharged Gen 2 MINI Cooper Applications. NOW Available for both N14 and N18 MINI Applications 

These units are easy to use with OBD plug-in connection and touch screen operation offering 100% vehicle up-time. Just plug in to OBD II and follow the on screen instructions. This is a true ECU reflash...not a piggyback or jumper system.  This is performance software and maps installed into your ECU!

A Stage 1 is perfect for added horesepower and low end torque without spending a lot on added parts. (+15-25 HP)

The Stage 2 is for power junkies who what to maximixe their power output with only simple "bolt-on" modifications. The Stage 2 2une comes standard with the CEL Off (Check Engine Light) for cars equipped with a non OE catalytic converter. (+30-60 HP)

N14 EQUIPPED MINIs-PLEASE NOTE: For N14 engine applications (2007-2010 R55-R59 &  2011-2012 JCWs)  the MAXXBoost unit is a plug and play product. You are NOT REQUIRED to send us your ECU. You will receive your MAXXBoost Handheld Tuner and you will be able to add tune files and restore your stock file through the OBDII port.  Click HERE for Engine Identification

N18 EQUIPPED MINIs-PLEASE NOTE: For N18 engine applications (2011-2013 R55-R59 and 2011-2016 R60-R61)  It is REQUIRED YOU SEND YOUR ECU to M7 Speed...only once!  We will have it for one or two business days and return it to you with your MAXXBoost Handheld Tuner. From that point forward you will be able to add tune files and restore your stock file any time at home using the MAXXBoost handheld unit connecting through the OBDII port. We pay for 2 Day return Shipping!  Click HERE for Engine Identification.

Well before the unexpected demise of Manic Tuning in September 2019, M7 began work on developing this system to offer its customers the freedom to do their own software reflash at home without removing or disassembling the ECU. This MAXXBoost system uses the most advanced automotive software and hardware available to communicate with the advanced series of Bosch ECUs found on today’s MINIs and other high end Euro cars. By using the factory OBD (on-board diagnostic port), the MAXXBoost Handheld Tuning Tool has the ability to upload any number of standardized or customized performance tunes as well as restore the original software file back to the ECU. The unit can hold upto six tune files so you can have a daily driver tune, a track tune, a street performance tune, the stock OE file or whatever your wants are.

Based on 18 years of MINI Cooper performance experience and feedback from our large Manic Tune customer base, M7 Tuning has developed the performance files available with the MAXXBoost Tuner. Performance and power gains are outstanding.

Popular Options:

  • Pop & Bangs
  • Pops & Bangs Extreme
  • VMAX OFF (Speed limiter off)
  • Additional Tune files (Stage 1, Stage 2 or Economy)
  • Stage 3 custom tuning (For fully built race engines only) pricing on request!

Required Mods:

  • Stage 1: No mods required but an aftermarket high flow intake system is strongly advised to maximize torque and top end performance. (+25 to 40 HP)
  • Stage 2: An aftermarket high flow intake system, high flowing intercooler piping, an aftermarket intercooler and a high flow exhaust downpipe is needed to get all the power possible from your MINI. High quality spark plugs and fresh ignition coils are also necessary for maximum torque and top end performance.  More air flow = more power....period! (+40-60 HP gain with the required aftermarket parts)
  • Stage 3: Forged internal components (connecting rods, pistons) ported cylinder head and exhaust manifold, aftermarket camshafts, improved cooling and oil system, modified high pressure fuel pump and larger injectors.

DOWNLOAD N14 and N18 ENGINE Identifications HERE



DOWNLOAD Vehicle Mods Questionnaire HERE

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* This product is not legal for sale or use in California or on pollution controlled motor vehicles. For off highway use only.


***Requires a Windows PC, an internet connection and an email account.

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