MAXXBoost OBD Tuners


MAXXBoost Handheld OBD Reflash Tuner Kits are now available for select Gen 2 and Gen 3 MINI Coopers as well as most late model BMW's. These units are easy to use with OBD plug-in connection and touch screen operation offering 100% vehicle up-time. No need to send in your ECU anymore. Just plug in to OBD II and follow the on screen instructions.

Well before the unexpected demise of Manic Tuning in September 2019, M7 began work on developing this system to offer its customers the freedom to do their own software reflash at home without removing or disassembling the ECU. This MAXXBoost system uses the most advanced automotive software and hardware available to communicate with the latest series of Bosch ECUs found in today’s MINIs and other high end Euro cars. By using the factory OBD (onboard diagnostic port), the MAXXBoost Handheld Tuning Tool has the ability to upload any number of standardized or customized performance tunes as well as restore the original software file back to the ECU.

Based on 18 years of MINI Cooper performance experience and feedback from our large Manic Tune customer base, M7 Tuning has developed the Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 performance files available with the MAXXBoost Tuner. Initial testing has proven the performance and power gains are outstanding.

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Standard Options:

  • Stop-Start Deactivate
  • Pop & Bangs
  • Pops, Bangs & Flames
  • RPM Redline Higher
  • V-Max Higher

Required Mods per Stage:

  • Stage 1: No mods required but an aftermarket high flow intake system is strongly advised to maximize torque and top end performance. (+25 to 40 HP)
  • Stage 2: A high flow intake system, a sport high flow cataltyic converter (de-cat for off highway use) and ignition system upgrades are required. Additional performance improvements can be gained with the addition of high flow intercooler piping, aftermarket intercooler and an aftermarket exhaust system.(+50 to 75 HP)
  • Stage 3: All of the Stage 2 mods plus a built short block with forged pistons and connecting rods, a ported cylinder head and aftermarket high lift camshafts. This is a custom tune and will support a built K03 or K04 Turbo.  (300+ HP)

 MAXXBoost Applications as of 11/1/2019

  • Gen 2 "R" Series" MINI Cooper S 1.6L Turbocharged  2007-2010 with N14 spec engine - NOW AVAILABLE
  • Gen 2 "R" Series" MINI Cooper S 1.6L Turbocharged  2011-2013/2016 with N18 spec engine - COMING SOON
  • Gen 3 "F" Series" MINI Cooper S  2.0L  Turbocharged  2014-2020 with B48 spec engine. - NOW AVAILABLE
  • "F" Series" BMW with  2.0L  Turbocharged  2014-2020 with B48 spec engine. - NOW AVAILABLE

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