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Ignition Systems

We offer only the finest aftermarket ignition parts for your MINI. With 16 years experience developing testing and selling performance parts for only the BMW MINI marque, we are 100% confident in the right fitment, quality and performance from all the ignition parts we offer for your car. So if you want to upgrade your ignition, add reliability and performance or just do regular maintenance these are the right parts for you.


We offer standard and colder heat ranges of spark plugs to fit your application.


  • Standard Heat Range: Best choice for daily driver with minor engine modifications
  • +1 Colder Heat Range: Recommended for agressve driving and cars with engine mods such as 16% & 4% supercharger pulleys, Bytetronic ECU Tunes, cat-less free flow exhaust system with header and high RPM operation.
  • +2 Colder Heat range: Recommended for all out performance engine mods (+250 HP) and sustained high RPM track driving.


  • Standard Heat Range: Best choice for daily driver with minor engine modifications and a Stage 1 or Stage 2 Manic Tune. We do not recommend +1 colder spark plugs for street driven daily drivers. They will misfire.
  • +1 Colder Heat Range: Recommended for cars with performance engine mods, Stage 2 and above Manic Tunes and are used in sustained high RPM track event driving running 100+ octane race fuel.

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7 Item(s)

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