M7 Speed No Junk Guarantee

no junk    

Plan and simple.  M7 Speed will sell NO JUNK parts. All M7 Speed, MAXX-FLO & MAXX-G premium quality performance parts are manufactured to the highest standards, use the best materials and are offered at competitive prices giving you the best value for your money.  We stand behind each and every part we make and sell.  If you don't like the way it looks, fits or performs we will make it right.  Our products are constantly evaluated by our customers and as soon as a quality issue is identified we address it. 

Similar parts, cheap knockoffs and unauthorized direct copies of M7 products are available at lower prices on eBay and through other no-name "on-line" resellers. Remember "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR". Cheap Chinese knockoffs and back yard built copies are not comparable or equal to what M7 manufacturers and sells.

Products other than M7 Brands are offered on our site because they meet the industry's highest quality standards and are leaders in their industry.  We believe these products are the best available for our customers.  Our commitment to you is that we will not offer “cheap junk” anywhere on our website.

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”  Aldo Gucci

M7 Speed Return Policy

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