R60 Countryman "Exact-Fit" Oil Catch Can Kit | 60-3M7303 | Black Billet Aluminum


R60 Countryman-R61 Paceman "Exact-Fit" Oil Catch Can kit from M7 Speed. Filter out the performance robbing oil mist in your crankcase vent system before it hurts your performance and causes internal damage.  Install a M7 Speed "Exact-Fit" Oil Catch Can kit today. Our products are Engineered...Tested...Proven to PERFORM!

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    Now available for the R60/R61 Countryman and Paceman is a complete and easy bolt-in "Exact-Fit" M7 Oil Catch Can kit. Designed in house by M7 Speed, this kit is an exact fit onto the R60/R61 Mini Cooper platform. No need to modify anything! Even the hoses are pre-cut and assembled to the exact length! The kit comes with a "designed-to-fit" stainless steel bracket, stainless steel mounting hardware and pre-assembled hoses. Installation is super easy...no drilling and no special tools are needed.

    Now with "Exact-Fit" pre-assembled hoses there is no need to cut the factory breather tube so when it is time to sell your car it can be returned to exact stock configuration.


    • "Exact-Fit" Design
    • Pre-assembled hose assemblies
    • Stainless steel bracket and mounting hardware
    • Eliminate intake tract oil contamination, carbon build-up and intave valve damage.
    • Prevent pre-mature sensor failure
    • Keep engine performance at peak levels
    • Construction - Bright Black anodized billet aluminum, Stainless steel bracket

    The M7 Oil Catch Can is not only functional is a work of automotive performance ART! It is CNC machined from billet aluminum and adds a sharp look to your engine compartment.

    Why install a M7 oil catch can you ask? With the M7 Oil Catch Can, your MINI Cooper's engine will be protected from excessive oil and hydrocarbon buildup which leads to performance-hindering oil film and sludge along your intake tract, on your engine control sensors and on your engine's intake valves.  Because the 2007 & up MINI is direct injection, the intake valves do not get cleaned of oil residue form the gasoline mixture which in previous engines was ahead of the valve.  Now, all the oil blow-by burns onto the intake valves and builds up.  The end result is loss of power and a very expensive repair bill. This oil film and sludge can appear in other critical places throughout the engine -- such as the intercooler -- where clean surfaces are critical for maximized heat transfer and on your MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) where the film will cause the sensor to send a false signal to your ECU killing performance. By capturing excess oil vapor and particles, the M7 Oil Catch Can ensures that oil film and sludge will not become a factor in your vehicle's performance. If you don't think your engine is pumping oil back through your intake system, remove the breather tube and look at all the oil!.  The breather tube connects directly to your intake hose and directs this oily mess back through your engine to be burned.

    All hoses, brackets, clamps, necessary fittings and detailed easy to follow step-by-step instructions are included, including an oil drain plug and an easy to view sight tube. The sight tube lets you know the amount of oil in the can. The hoses are high quality "Made in the USA" automotive grade, designed to withstand the rigors of the under-hood environment and to not degrade when exposed to oil. Beware of other "low cost" catch can systems that use silicone hoses, because oil and silicone are not compatible. Silicone hoses will eventually deteriorate and make an absolute mess of your engine compartment.

    Buy the best...Buy M7 Speed products!

    Engineered...Tested...Proven to PERFORM!

    Fitment Notes :

    2016MINI CooperCountryman (R60)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2016MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2016MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2016MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2016MINI CooperPaceman (R61)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2016MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2016MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2016MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperCountryman (R60)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperPaceman (R61)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2015MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperCountryman (R60)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperPaceman (R61)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2014MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperCountryman (R60)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperPaceman (R61)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2013MINI CooperPaceman (R61)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperCountryman (R60)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2012MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2011MINI CooperCountryman (R60)SL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2011MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2011MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCWL4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    2011MINI CooperCountryman (R60)S JCW ALL4L4 1.6L Turbocharged (N18)
    Additional Info
    Additional Info
    Manufacturer No
    Color Black
    Mfg's Part # 60-3M7303
    Shipping Weight 5.0000
    Length 8
    Width 8
    Height 8
    Country of Manufacture
    Customer Reviews (8)
    R60 Countryman Oil Catch Can Kit
    Would Recommend
    Another great product by M7. Easy install and it functions as described. Review by Don M (Posted on 9/18/2019)
    Quality Built Oil Catch Can!
    Would Recommend
    Being a novice, I was a bit timid when trying to install this myself. I looked at some online videos for basic info and gave it a try! It took me over an hour but the install is super clean and was worth the effort.
    The Can itself is rock solid and made of quality materials, NOTHING about it's construction looks cheap.
    Well done.
    Review by Joe P (Posted on 4/8/2019)
    excellent product
    Would Recommend
    Exact fit for the application, fast shipping, high quality product. Review by Michel (Posted on 2/15/2019)
    Excellent Product
    Would Recommend
    I am a fan of M7 products, and this oil can is something I felt was a necessity for the car, I wish I had installed it when I purchased the car. Granted, I only have 17K on the odometer so its early in its life. The installation was relatively easy, the outlet tube connection is a bit tight but does fit eventually with a little assistance. My only complaint is the site location where the oil can sits is pretty tight but I was getting this really annoying rattle from the engine compartment. Turns out the can was vibrating against the strut tower. It was an easy fix with a little bit of Dynamat on the tower frame and it resolved the issue. It took approximately 40 minutes to install and I could not be happier! Review by Sven L. (Posted on 3/19/2018)
    Can I have somthing in my can please?
    Would Recommend
    So in my list of all my review we come to one that I will enjoy writing the most. So I saw someone on a board talk about how these cans were crap (I already had mine) and you should by the USA made one for double the money (This one is also USA made) because this one is empty and is just a can.. SO I took mine off opened it up and wow it had oil in it and even a bit of what looked like gas in the bottom(So I think it worked) But then looked and my friends other can (did not think it was made as good) and found it had a little small chamber with holes in it Not worth $100.00. So after a few tech support questions I spent 4.99 for S/S chore boy and put in mine.. Now it is not empty, Its made well, It fits exactly, and I saved $94.00.. My can still works and its not empty.. Buy this one it is much better quality than my friends black metal can.. Review by Brown Bear (Posted on 9/1/2017)
    Best I've seen.
    Simple and clean , the gloss black looks amazing. Easy to install Review by James (Posted on 5/12/2017)
    Oil Catch
    Would Recommend
    The M7 oil catch can kit is a quality product that was easy to install and will help keep the inside of the engine free of carbon for the life of the vehicle. I recommend this product for everyone as the stock Mini setup is less than desirable.

    Review by hfs3 (Posted on 10/6/2016)
    Love it!
    Thank you for the reply, love the catch can design. Review by Charles W. (Posted on 7/11/2016)
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