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Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 216 Reviews

R61 2015 Paceman S by Tom R

Had a Megan Racing Strut Tower Brace and replaced it with the M7. Amazing difference for sure. A must for anyone wanting to add stability and increased handling.

excellent product by joepugs78

My diag tool was throwing up 2 cylinder misfires. Decided it was more cost effective to go with the ignition kit. Money well spent. Cheaper than OEM and running strong. I'll definitely be looking here first when the mini has issues.

Great Exhaust Note by Dwight

The sound of the Borla Sport exhaust is music to your ears. This really makes the Mini stand out amongst the crowd.

Fits perfect. Performance gain. Sounds great. by Nice Upgrade

Easy upgrade.

Amazing quality with great results! by mballer93

The product (M7 MAXX-Flo Intake) was quickly shipped and we couldn't be happier. High quality craftsmanship and attention to detail as well as clear installation instructions. Had the intake for about a week and have noticed better airflow, spooling, and throttle response. Able to hear the blow off valve at low boost now and it sounds amazing! Definitely will order through M7 again!

Oil Catch Can (Carbon Fiber) by Stancemini

Big bang for your buck. Good quality. Shop M7.

Good by Trawwww

Parts look great just took a little bit longer than expecting on shipping

Needs more mounting points by tw

Looks great, seems pricey for what it is. It only has mounting fasteners in the top, it needs mounting points on the bottom too. We are happy with it overall, just worried it won’t last or will get damaged if improperly handled during hood opening.

Great when you have added Lowering Springs to your Mini by Tom R

Great addition to my lowered 2015 Mini Cooper Paceman S with Megan Racing Lowering Springs. Great Product! A Must buy for anyone wanting to lower their Mini!!

Quick install, nice quality by Duran

The only way this takes 10 minutes to install is it you are pounding beers. Looks great and I expect it will work as good, I'll find out tomorrow

Great first mod step by KT

As a first step in modding your mini this is a great one. The car sounds faster making great turbo and blow off noises now. It also feels faster top end pulling to redline more energetically. Would definetly recommend!

Fantastic Quality & Value by MrPlayground

As with all the products that I’ve bought from m7, you get top quality for the price. This toe hook is not the cheap imitations you can buy on line. It is extremely well made and worth the price, espionage you actually have to use it. Great job m7!

Not Worth It by wedge

Frankly, not work the money. Spend half of this and wrap your headers. It's great if you plan on driving 65mph the entire time but if you're in stop/go traffic it actually inhibits cooling airflow.

I give you five stars by R53-Beto

Very good quality except a part that still does not get me but everything else very well

I’ll give you five stars by R53-beto

It looks like to the original just hope it lasts the same as the original but very well

Ignition kit by Jogunn


I give you five stars by Roberto66

The best parts for mini Cooper

Seems to have helped reduce under hood temp by Bomber

I read the specification data for the product, and the reduction in under hood temperature was impressive. I have not attempted to measure on my own, but there does appear to be a noticeable reduction in under hood temp when lifting the hood (bonnet for you Brits!). I am skeptical by nature, but I do believe there is a significant difference and living in FL, any reduction in engine bay temp is helpful for performance and engine life.

Great fit,function and cosmesis by Leach

Product fit as described, looked great and easy to install

Great quality by Td

Was very surprised of the over all quality. This pulley was easy to install , no pullers needed, just heat from a conventional oven. The performance was a noticeable difference

Waiting to see by Picco

I bought this air box because it was recommended by m7. Installed easy but it was and still is an ongoing challenge to get the elbow to connect to the Alta hard pipe. It’s like they are off just enough to almost cause the elbow to kink. Oh the other hand this is a quality CAI And easy to install. I’ve match this cool air intake with a quality Meltech downpipe and a Wagner in a cooler so I am sure the results coupled with the tune I’m going to be amazing

Piccos flash dance by Ritchie

I have not had a chance to really get go the tune. My mini is a complete rebuild so I have a break in time. However, I do t see this tune holding picco back at all. With a custom rebuild there are many stresses, my tune from m7 isn’t one of them

Great Products by Mike

The items came fast, they high quality and customer service is awesome!! Will buy from again!

Great Quality by Dwight

As always great shipping and great quality of parts.

2" lift on my mini countryman by TampaDeb

Paid $500 to have it installed with my new tires. It looks totally awesome! The quality of these products is amazing. Super heavy duty! Getting a bull bar next! So glad I didn't go with a cheaper set from the net. You get what you pay for. A+ on the tech service too. They answered all my questions.

JCW Mini by Bill

Arrived quickly, was easy to install and I am pleased with the results.

Great Splitter for the Paceman S by Tom Rizzo

Ordered the Splitter and it was delivered quickly even though a Special Order. Would recommend the Splitter for anyone that have a Paceman S and wants to take it to the next level. The crew at M7 was great to work with. Hats off to Mark and Dorie who assisted along the way.

Very Nice! by JP

Replaced a factory JCW strut bar with this one from M7. All I can say is WOW! I didn't think it would make much of a difference, but I was wrong. You can feel the difference in the corners. The overall build quality and handling is far superior versus the JCW bar. Thanks for another great product.

Awesome! by JP

Love the under strut system. Improved overall chassis stiffness. Quality product!

Great Product by Jab

The install was very easy and well worth the purchase. Turbo seems to spoil up easier and sounds cool. Would love to have silicone boot from air flow to turbo

Amazing by Uglyman

Amazing product extremely happy highly recommend it

Strong as an OX by Brown Bear

So Let me say if your going to install an air intake system change do that first. I have made many changes to my engine over the past year so I am always removing this to do the work. My point is some things work good when new but if you re-install them they loosen up. This kit DOES NOT do that, every time I reinstall this back on it is as strong and tight as the first time.. So let me say this is a very strong bar system, Solid, and cool looking when you pen the hood, Its not a thick tube thing it is a designed strong 3X1 solid beam of strength...

Simple install.. by Brown Bear

First off I am removing another air intake system due to I did not feel it was working as good as it should. So we open the hood- I remove my air sensor and set aside, then remove the old intake system and find this new one fits perfect into the same place. and all the hoses almost match up perfect. (I have the Forge intake hose also and needed to remove about 1 inch from the rear end for it to line up as needed) step one just a driver for clamps needed.. Now for the charge hose. that I needed to remove the skid plate I just installed so don't do the skid plate first.. Two clamps easy, then there is one hard to reach screw that you can not get to when engine is hot( I did and it hurt sooo you need to wait to be smart) screw does not need to be put back-but there is a water hose that also connected to the old hose to hold it up( that can be fixed with a heavy duty long wire tie to hold it to the new hose).. Over all easy install with a few bumps.. all fit perfect and is made well. I noticed the car running a bit rough but after the final step of the new plugs.. Smooth as glass. I DO HAVE more pickup and less drag on starts...

ERasy install and finaly safe to play in the dirt. by Brown Bear

I purchased this product about three weeks ago to replace my plastic Mini Copper shield. The install was easy and worked right around the Bull Bar as instructed. After putting mini on my ramps I would say it was a 20 minute install just because I had a bit of custom work in the way I had to remove. Simple tools(anyone should have) and ramps.. ( you will need a hex head wrench for the three front bolts- I found the size in my US hex kit) FYI: I think this skid plate might be one of the strongest items on Brown Bear..

Can I have somthing in my can please? by Brown Bear

So in my list of all my review we come to one that I will enjoy writing the most. So I saw someone on a board talk about how these cans were crap (I already had mine) and you should by the USA made one for double the money (This one is also USA made) because this one is empty and is just a can.. SO I took mine off opened it up and wow it had oil in it and even a bit of what looked like gas in the bottom(So I think it worked) But then looked and my friends other can (did not think it was made as good) and found it had a little small chamber with holes in it Not worth $100.00. So after a few tech support questions I spent 4.99 for S/S chore boy and put in mine.. Now it is not empty, Its made well, It fits exactly, and I saved $94.00.. My can still works and its not empty.. Buy this one it is much better quality than my friends black metal can..

Great product by John

I installed everything but was a little disappointed in overall performance. I seam to have more boost with just the small supercharger pulley.

Go For it! by ChicagoRus

This was one of the best decisions I ever made. If you're thinking about it, go for it. The staff were all terrific and even helped out with timing so I could arrange to work one of the days while they were working on the car. The power is simply amazing, I love my stage 2 and like how it pops and bangs like crazy, but only when I want it to, to keep the neighbors happy. My car is properly fast, and because it's a Manic tune, it's been tested and makes me feel safer about the mod.

Pricey by Tony

It's definitely better than the stock hose, didn't notice much noise or power gain but there is some improvement. I would say a lot of money for a silicon hose but I know they can get pricey. A $150 price tag i think would be more fair.

Nice CAI by Ian

Much better than the stock air flow system, makes the supercharger so much louder and Improved gas mileage, not a lot of noticeable power gains but that's to be expected from an intake

Fun upgrade by Tony

Quick easy install. Sweet looks and sound. More noticeable horsepower gains. Little pricey but not terrible.

M7 Speed is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 216 user reviews.