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Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 267 Reviews

excellent by mike

Fast shipping, great product. Excellent customer service and tech support !!!

2” lift kit. by Frank

It’s a great product but it’s very hard to install on front of 2016 Mini Cooper Countryma

Follow up review by Tattoopat

After a few fill ups at the gas station, I noticed that I was getting about an extra thirty miles per tank with the new CAI. Ripping sound, more power, and better mileage. how can you not love that

Sweet looks by Tony

Quality is high end. Install needs a professional, looks awesome. Compliments and stares every day. Looks bad a$$ with the 28" tall truck tires I installed as well! Definitely recommend if you're looking for a sweet off road style Mini

Nice overall engeneering by Tattoopat

Good quality kit, relatively easy to install, gives off that great whine from the supercharger, definitely woke up the car. The instructions are very clear, although they only deal with the removal of the stock unit with clear pictures and text. you may also need a T40 torx driver for the lower two bolts. after a few miles the ECU will adapt to the mods and really run well.

Don’t hesitate. by Mike

This really works. The instructions are great, the parts are great, the tune is amazing. I never once changed oil on my car let alone put on new parts. But I did it. My Mini is now how it should’ve been from the factory. PS I accidentally wrote a review for the MAXX performance package but I’m sure it applies there as well.

Drain plug issues by Sailorboy

The installation was easy and required little effort. On my last oil change I noted oil on the rear left engine tubing and other parts. A few weeks ago I went to drain the oil in the Catch Can and noted that the drain plug was wet with oil. After removing a few tablespoons of oil I went to re-tighten the drain plug and it stripped out rather easily. No reply from M7 after I requested a solution to fix the stripped out drain plug

Perfect. by Michael W

Everything is installed and works amazing. Worth every penny. I have the most unique sleeper car in America. The gains they claim in the description are real! If you want the ultimate mini, don’t hesitate. I’ve never worked on a car before, and I was able to do everything myself, somehow—a testament to M7, really.

Coils & spark plugs by Billy

Install upgrade intercooler in vehicle. Afterward it started to misfires and not sure which direction to go. M7 Speed representative guild me to the right products. New plugs and coils fixed it. Thank you!

Great service and product by Cw

I purchased a custom hitch for my Countryman and it fit perfect. I had a small bolt issue and they resolved it quickly for me. These guys ship quickly and resolved my small bolt problem no questions asked!!

Are you kidding me! by Bobby

I had M7 install a Stage 1 Manic tune in my DME. I installed it and went to a local Dyno shop. With the SPS on Stock map my MINI made 160 HP. With the tune set on full power it made 218 HP. My MINI is a whole different car and runs awesome. Great product and service.

Just what was needed! by kscw

Much needed tune up and the high performance adds overall! Arrived withing a few days and was exactly as advertised!

10 clubman s Stage 1 intake de-cat /res by C-roopa

Incredible outcomes much more power and torque like night and day after the tune. This MINI is incredible.

Fixed my problem by Derrik

The new ignition parts fixed my high load misfire problem and the MINI is as good as new. Parts are high quality and a snap to install. I received my order in 2 days. M7 is a great company to deal with.

Drain plug issues by Sailorboy

After having this on my Mini for over a year, it does catch oil that would be gong into the turbo. On the 2nd check and drain the aluminum plug stripped out in the aluminum threaded bottom housing. When I went to drain the can the bottom was oily which indicated that the plug and thick washer does not prevent the oil from leaking out. This needs to be redesigned and perhaps an o-ring or fabric washer needs to be used to prevent the drain from leaking. I was surprised how easily the plug stripped out of the threaded female plug hole. I added Teflon tape to the plug and hand tightened it hoping that it will stay in place. When I contacted M7, I never received a response from them. For the price they charge, I expect a bombproof unit that can be drained without worry about stripping out the threads. The unit was easy to install.

Great system by Gd

A little pricy but well worth the money. Borla systems have a deep rumble sound that is exactly what the cooper s needs. I almost went with the touring system but I’m really glad I went with the sport. The salesman told me Borla systems aren’t that loud to begin with and the sport system is perfect. It gives the car that personality that it deserves.

R56 M7 Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe by Sam Jack

Since I already had the front bumper cover and off to install a Wagner intercooler on my R56 changing the pre-intercooler charge pipe was a no brainer. The charge is well made and fit without issue. Most of the vendors report modest performance gains after removal of the factory charge pipe muffler. I changed because the original charge hose was getting soft.

Great value by Oscar

Easy to install. Nice clean look

Excellent service by JOEY

Very happy with your product. Thanks

Great product by JOEY

Excellece service. Thanks

Yes by Or53C

Everything went on well and all the parts work great. Only complaint is the crank rattle. Quick delivery.

Spot on !! by Johnny5

Fabulous build quality, excellent fasteners, proper coating too. I took the extra time to trim the "gasket" around the Rr seat latch strike for a completed look. Cant wait to feel how much this tightened up the rear of the car. Monies very well spent. My Thanks to M7's entire team !!!

Beautiful can by R53Chris

Just installed this beauty and looks fantastic in my engine, really makes it pop. Can itself looks soo good, but the rubber hoses sit a little funny in my car. Im not complaining it looks great and works great.

Amazing product! Very nicely built! by R56 Kid

The carbon tube and the billet machined end caps for the can look incredible. The hoses were the perfect length and the fittings on the ends of them fit perfectly as well. Comes with everything you need to get the job done!

Fixed my high rpm misfire by Nick

Improved my idle and took care of my high rpm misfire. Next thing on my list will be a manic tune!

Tow Hook by Chuckpadgett

The M7 Tow Hook is a great product. Very good build quality and nice looking. I wouldn’t hesitate to tow my car with it.

Spot on !! by Johnny 5

Excellent build quality, super simple install & immediate difference I couldnt ask for a better strut brace. I am sold on M7 parts AND customer service. I will be ordering the rest of the chassis brace parts as well. Thank you M7, you guys & gals ROCK !!!

Great Mod! by Hobbit

Looks great, sounds great! Alot louder than I expected since it sucks are from the cowl but I'm not complaining at all!

Good product by Ed

This is the second one I have purchased so both cars will have one. Lining up and starting bolts into turbo can be a bit of a pain but not horrible.

Great quality product by Tampachris1

Easy to install. Tight fit. 2” Yakima bike rack fits very well. It holds it tight. No slip like the hitch on my old vehicle. Would definitely buy again and recommend.

It really fixed my car, by Joseph

Best coil pack, fixed my misfire right away

Rear Sway Bar by Rick

The installer was very impressed with the quality of this bar and ease of installation and performance of my Countryman afterwards.

Utility Hitch by Gunmech

Fits like my Mini Countryman was born with the M7 Utility Hitch attached. Super fast and easy installation. No issues!

Easy to install and sturdy as heck! by Excellent Product

Wonderul all-round product with ease of install - piece of cake!

Cool! by Ken

After some education, I absolutely had to have it. Love the look and now understand what it does for my car. Very happy to have my new pipe.

Add some GRRRRRR by Ken

Admittedly I was concerned this was going to be too loud. I’m 57 years old and I hate two things, kids on my lawn and noisy cars. In standard mode my girl is pretty much the same as stock sound. In Sport mode she growls and pops and sounds RACE CAR!!!!!

Was fast now much faster by Ken

Hold on tight! My R56 stage 2 tune has made my car a whole new beast! Looking forward to our first trip to the Tail of the Dragon in 2 weeks. Time to put her to the real test.

To complete my stage 2 by Ken

Had no idea my plugs and coils were original equipment on my car which has 116k miles. So glad to have changed them with the stage 2 tune.

Jury still out on ECU Flash for MINI R series-UPDATED!! by bearcat4551

UPDATE!!!- I discovered my "Third-Party Diverter" was not working as it should and was informed (by M7 Speed) to reinstall my OEM Diverter to my MINI Cooper S. That did the trick and Winston now screams like a bat out of hell! I wanted to get equal to a JCW power. Got that and more. Great results. ORIGINAL POST-Not feeling a big difference in power yet. I think I should have gone for the Stage 2, but was told I needed the larger down pipe. Everything else has been upgraded. Waiting to do a dyno run to see what my power ratings truly are and then will know if it was worth the cost.

Beautiful Product by thatminicar

Very easy install. Work excellent and a subtle yet nice addition to the engine bay! 10/10 Recommend anyone with a turbo car to get one of these!

M7 Speed is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 267 user reviews.