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Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 125 Reviews

M7 charge pipe by Jesse

So I tried using another type of charge pipe it ended up interfering with shift linkage. I looked at other one piece pipes and went with M7, I have several of their products and happy with my purchases.

Hope it helps the hood and scoop. by Have Trumpet Will Travel

Fitted to my 2013 "S" Roadster. My 2003 "S" Hatchback doesn't heat-the-hood like the 2nd-gen Turbo does; it gets very hot quickly. This shield slows down the effect, tested first-time on an 80-degree day. Adds to the clean look underhood but needs to be pushed rearward when starting the included long hex bolts so you don't cross-thread them. Nice piece.

Great parts, fantastic people! Repeat buyer over several years! by Charles D

For the past two years, I have been tinkering with my 2009 Mini Cooper S Clubman by adding performance parts. After lots of searching, I decided to give the people at M7 Speed a shot, and I could not be happier with everything. To date, I have installed the following parts from M7 - M7 Speed MAXX-Flo intake, M7 Turbo heat shield, M7 turbo charge pipe, M7 Oil Catch Can, NGK Iridium Plus spark plugs (standard temp), and a Milltek decat downpipe. In addition, I sent ECU (the car's brain) to M7 for ECU flash tuning (Manic Motorsports Stage 2 tune). Any time I have needed help or guidance, they have been extremely supportive. In particular, sending the ECU 100's of miles away via FedEx was nerve wracking, but Mark at M7 explained the entire process and provided insights after the new ECU was installed to make my Mini a monster of a motoring machine - exactly what I wanted. I always check M7 first for my performance part needs!

Great product by Mike M

Awesome product and looks sweet on the car. Very easy to install and only took about 25 minutes.

Great service and product by Des

I'd put a J brace on order over Memorial weekend. I had something come up, and called to see if we could suspend my order. Dorie was amazing! She worked with me, and got my brace sent out in the time needed. There was a shipping defect to the product when it arrived, but Dorie immediately sent out another one. I cannot convey how great my convertible's stability is now with this brace! I will buy from M7 without a doubt in the future.

Nice addition to an already unique car; MINI by Have Trumpet Will Travel

A bit pricey but well made. Easiest to apply with a vertical bend. Get the piece oriented top to bottom and feather-out to sides. Any small wrinkles will be easy to smooth out first time it is warm under the hood. They stay in place and add a bit of character. Very satisfied.

Good Quality by Cool breeze

I received the items on Friday of last week have not had the opportunity to installed them as of yet but had some friends to see them and got good reviews so I gave 5 stars as it deserves and the price was reasonable would recommend others to buy..

Amazing Lifted Countryman by Juan Carlos

Hi guys, I just bought few weeks ago the m7 lift kit for my countryman, it looks and drives amazing...

Perfect fit by Jeffrey

Install was easy, a torx on a wiggle joint will do you wonders. Rarely do you encounter a perfect fitted upgrade hose, i am impressed with the quality.

CAI Delivers! by Greydriver

I recently picked up an ’06 R53 MCS and immediately began the process of sorting through all of the mechanicals. After repairing the common issues, it was time to begin the fun part of adding some HP to unleash the little beast. There are a lot of CAI options out there, but options are even less if you are looking for a quality-made CARB-certified box that improves on the original design of the factory unit. I found this to be a big plus especially since I live in California. The installation is basically straight forward and the “Exact-Fit” as stated by M7 makes it that much easier. The 2.75” diameter connection on the engine side allowed the factory rubber boot to fit properly, no stretching, and without issues, Nice! As a plus, I was able to reuse my factory BMW clamps for that clean look. M7, however, does supply all of the necessary hardware including the screw clamps for the boot as well as the larger intake tube for the high flow foam filter. Summary: Nice fit, quality made box, high-grade foam filter exceeded my expectations, looks great, and performs/sounds even better. Mash the throttle and the SC R53 becomes a big whiner thanks to M7! Vince C.

OMG! by Bill

My R56S has come alive. Awesome service, tech support and 1 day turnaround. No problems at all.

Pricey but worth it by Tony

Quality is good, fit good and tight. All stainless hardware. Simple easy to read instructions. Little over priced for what it is but so is all things for Mini so no big surprise. Hope it keep a the hear down as good as it says.

Nice piece.... straight forward install.... remarkable effect on cornering suspension by Doc

As above

Wish I had done it sooner! by Pacemann

After balking for a year at having my ECU flashed, I finally pulled the trigger. My hesitancy was due to the fact that I would need to rent a car while my ECU was away. The turnaround at M7 was phenomenal and I was able to return the rental early. Now my 2015 R61 throws me back in my seat whereas before it was merely offering a suggestion. Thanks M7 and Manic!

Simple install by Will

Great CAI system for the countryman. Install took me 15 minutes, it's just a couple bolts and hose clamps. I did not have to make any modifications as another reviewer did. Performance-wise, my turbo seems to spool up faster now, and you can hear the whine and wastegate which I think is cool.

Pleased with Everything by Jackman

Always pleased with M7 customer service and shipping options. I have yet to have a negative experience with M7 Speed in regards to ordering parts for my 2009 R56S. Great company & parts. Thanks M7

Nice part by Xiam T

Very high quality. Installed with no problems.

Wish I had done it sooner by Pacemann

I was hesitant to have this done because it involved having to rent a car while my ECU was being tuned. The turnaround was quicker than I expected and the results are phenomenal. Now my Paceman throws me back in my seat instead of suggesting that I do. Awesome!

Great quality/service by Irishopt17

Placed an order and I am very satisfied! All parts fit perfectlyand were easy to install. Definitely Also looks great I can tail is quality car performance! Also looks great I can tell its quality. Before ever even placing the order the customer service was greatly appreciated. They were able to answer many questions and help before ever even checking out. Would definitely Recommend this company is quality parts in customer service to anyone on the market for mini parts and knowledge. Awesome! Thanks guys. Will continue to order more in the very near future.

I am PISSED at MINI! by GoFastMINI

Why didn't my R56 come from the factory like this? They would sell 2x as many cars. It is incredible how much better the power and performance is and I only got a Stage 1 Tune. I can't imagine what a stage 2 would be like. A must have mod!. Go guys and gals ROCK!

Awesome by Mario Jr

Awesome. My MINI seems to run smoother? Got to love it. High quality and simple to put on.

Awesome experience and will be buying … by Michael S

Awesome experience and will be buying more products from them I want to personally thank Mark for all the help after hours. Truly a customer service based vendor!

Runs Great by Zack Prince

My 2007 R56S is a whole new car. Added a Stage 1 tune and a M7 MAXX-Flo CAI and it runs and drives better than my buddies 2014 R59S. M7 rocks!

Best I've seen. by James

Simple and clean , the gloss black looks amazing. Easy to install

Easy install by Annie the Mini

Great product and value for the money.

Feels good by Nick

Perfect feel and weight. Adds a bit of class to the interior of my R53

High quality by JJ

Bolted this straight on. No modifications. Added 18" wheels and tires and my all 4 R60. I can keep up with most Jeeps and I get 3x the MPG. Nice kit.

I have a Badass MINI by LiftedR60

What can I say. I live 2 miles up a dirt road in New England. The potholes and snow were tearing up the underneath of my Countryman. I found this kit and after much reseach and talking with the people at M7 I bought this kit. It transformed my 2013 Countryman 4WD in a true off road machine. With this kit, the skid plate and bull bar I can go most anywhere with my MINI. Super high quality products. I now drive a bad assume MINI. People stop me all the time and ask about my car. M7 knows their stuff.

Fit great by LiftedR60

I added the M7 Bull bar along with the M7 skid plate to my lifted Countryman. It was easy to install and fit great. A bit pricy but it is so easy to install and well built it makes up for the added cost. I would recommend this product.

Fit great by LiftedR60

I added the M7 Bull bar along with the M7 skid plate to my lifted Countryman. It was easy to install and fit great. A bit pricy but it is so easy to install and well built it makes up for the added cost. I would recommend this product.

Exceeded expectations by LiftedR60

The skid plate was built way beyond what I expected. Heavy gauge aluminum and nice welds. It bolted straight on and was really easy to install. M7 makes a really good product.

Installed yesterday, so far so good by Joe

Corrected the problem and the car drives great. Great quality and installed easily. Long term, we'll wait and see!

The one review you want to take time to read. by TK

M7 Speed Review The one review you want to take time to read. I ordered this for my 2016 Countryman and am totally glad I did and here is why. First, let me help make the decision easy based on my research. You have three different types of utility hitches you can install on your Countryman, two of which require you to cut into your bumper and one does not. The one you are looking at that M7 Speed sells does NOT require you to cut your bumper in any way. In fact, it only took about 5 minutes to install; I’m not kidding, it was that easy and quick. THE OTHER TWO UTILITY HITCHES AND WHY THEY ARE NOT A GOOD IDEA You may be thinking that you can save a few bucks purchasing the following two utility hitches, but keep in mind the other two utility hitches require you to completely remove your bumper cover, and then unbolt your bumper and then place the utility hitch on, and then reinstall everything. Keep in mind that you vehicle requires some special plastic connectors that may need to be replaced if you do not take special care in the removal. They are not expensive, but it’s just a hassle. FURTHERMORE, THE OTHER TWO HITCHES….. THE FIRST UTILITY HITCH will require you to cut you bumper behind the license plate, which will also require you to hang the license with only two bolts using the bottom two holes of your license plate holder. Once you take the time to look this up, you will understand what I am explaining. THE SECOND UTILITY HITCH will come out from underneath the bumper cover. If you have not looked closely at the underside of your bumper cover you will learn that it is oddly wide, at least on my 2016 its about 14” wide for some unknown reason. Anyway, you will have to cut a hole in the bottom of your bumper cover for this utility hitch to work. Also, if you not conformable working on your car, you will pay a hefty premium for these utility hitch installs, and the cost of the cheaper utility hitch and professional installation will likely cost more and definitely require you to cut your bumper. Me, I did not want to cut into my new bumper, plus the M7 Utility hitch looks great. I know this because I see Mini people pointing at it and asking me about it. TOOLS 1. Torque Wrench a. A torque Wrench is a good tool to have in any garage. b. You do not need to spend top dollar on a torque wrench, but you definitely need to be responsible and properly tighten the “mounting adapter” bolts to specification. If you leave the utility hitch on all the time, then you want to periodically test the torque to ensure proper tightness. 2. Dead Blow Hammer (3 pounds) a. This will help you remove the utility hitch if it is stuck or difficult on removal. b. A dead blow hammer is a plastic hammer that is filled with sand on the inside. Basically, when you hit something with it, all the force of hammer weight is completely delivered to the object with no rebound force. However, because it is plastic, it will not mark the metal. NOTE: this is NOT a mallet hammer that has a rubber surface. c. You can buy a 3LB dead blow hammer at Harbor Fright tools for about $8.00. THINGS I LEARNED THE HARD WAY Mounting Adapter Bolts: The “mounting adapter bolts” is what bolts directly to the car, and then the utility hitch slides onto and then is secured using the “connection bolts.” Before installing the mounting adapter bolts make sure you remove the stickers that tell you what the torque specification is. The reason you do this is because when you mount the utility hitch onto the mounting adapter bolts, the stickers may roll up and make removal of the utility hitch extremely difficult. This is why I said, have a 3LB Dead Blow Hammer on hand. Utility Hitch: Coat the inside utility hitch that mounts onto the mounting adapter bolts with “anti-seize lubricant,” available at any auto part store for a couple bucks. This will make the removal of the utility hitch a little easier. The actual hitch is very roomy, Meaning that the only point where the utility hitch touches my car is the mounting points. This thing is totally solid. ____________________________________________ Customer Service This company is great! I called a few times with some basic questions before purchasing. They were very polite and answered my questions. Shipping was speedy. Conclusion. I definitely recommend this product. I will also be placing this review on Amazon with a couple pictures of my car with the utility hitch installed :-)

Oil Catch Can Kit by azarby

After I ordered it, part became out of stock, they gave me the upgrade at no extra cost.

Oil Catch Can Kit by azarby

After I ordered it, part became out of stock, they gave me the upgrade at no extra cost.

Good Value/Easy Install by Jim

Agree with Will above. Quick installation,t ight fit, need a rubber hammer to seat it. Also need caps for the silver bolts showing on the Paceman JCW model. Sure beats anything else on the market where you need to take the bumper off and cut holes and stays a permanent installation.

Great product! by Hapnynt

Good quality long lasting looks great!

Fitment/ installation by Dan

Found installation not to be easy or direct fitment. had to buy new clamps due to incorrect size of clamps(to small). The oil catch can is rubbing against factory air box. tight fitment.

Why do I bother cail by Graceland

Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this! Great Product and easy to install.

2015 Paceman S R61 by Tom R

Truly an awesome group and Great Customer Service. Had an issue with a Turbo Heat Shield order and Dorie came to the rescue!! Great Customer Service and constant communication! Have ordered several items from M7 including a Oil Catch Kit and the Chromed Strut Tower Brace and truly great products. M7 is a must for anyone wanting to modify their Mini to where it truly needs to truly be. Tom R.

M7 Speed is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 125 user reviews.