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Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 240 Reviews

Great Mod! by Hobbit

Looks great, sounds great! Alot louder than I expected since it sucks are from the cowl but I'm not complaining at all!

Good product by Ed

This is the second one I have purchased so both cars will have one. Lining up and starting bolts into turbo can be a bit of a pain but not horrible.

Great quality product by Tampachris1

Easy to install. Tight fit. 2” Yakima bike rack fits very well. It holds it tight. No slip like the hitch on my old vehicle. Would definitely buy again and recommend.

It really fixed my car, by Joseph

Best coil pack, fixed my misfire right away

Rear Sway Bar by Rick

The installer was very impressed with the quality of this bar and ease of installation and performance of my Countryman afterwards.

Utility Hitch by Gunmech

Fits like my Mini Countryman was born with the M7 Utility Hitch attached. Super fast and easy installation. No issues!

Easy to install and sturdy as heck! by Excellent Product

Wonderul all-round product with ease of install - piece of cake!

Cool! by Ken

After some education, I absolutely had to have it. Love the look and now understand what it does for my car. Very happy to have my new pipe.

Add some GRRRRRR by Ken

Admittedly I was concerned this was going to be too loud. I’m 57 years old and I hate two things, kids on my lawn and noisy cars. In standard mode my girl is pretty much the same as stock sound. In Sport mode she growls and pops and sounds RACE CAR!!!!!

Was fast now much faster by Ken

Hold on tight! My R56 stage 2 tune has made my car a whole new beast! Looking forward to our first trip to the Tail of the Dragon in 2 weeks. Time to put her to the real test.

To complete my stage 2 by Ken

Had no idea my plugs and coils were original equipment on my car which has 116k miles. So glad to have changed them with the stage 2 tune.

Jury still out on ECU Flash for MINI R series-UPDATED!! by bearcat4551

UPDATE!!!- I discovered my "Third-Party Diverter" was not working as it should and was informed (by M7 Speed) to reinstall my OEM Diverter to my MINI Cooper S. That did the trick and Winston now screams like a bat out of hell! I wanted to get equal to a JCW power. Got that and more. Great results. ORIGINAL POST-Not feeling a big difference in power yet. I think I should have gone for the Stage 2, but was told I needed the larger down pipe. Everything else has been upgraded. Waiting to do a dyno run to see what my power ratings truly are and then will know if it was worth the cost.

Beautiful Product by thatminicar

Very easy install. Work excellent and a subtle yet nice addition to the engine bay! 10/10 Recommend anyone with a turbo car to get one of these!

Excellent customer service by Snooki

Fast shipping,great product and incredible customer service. Will definitely order again

Great turnaround by Loudpedal

My ECU was shipped back to me from M7 the same day they received it. Unbelievable power improvement. Great Customer Service. I LOVE IT!

Excellent by Julio

Excellent product, clean and perfect look under the hood, thank you.

Excellent by Julio

I purchase this stage 1 for my 2012 Mini Roadster JCW and man let me tell you, this is fantastic, love it, thank you guys you really are the best.

Awesome Hooks! by JDSpeed

This tow hooks are really high quality, and M7 provides excellent customer service!

Good Product by Jack

These camber links are super beefy and installed no problem. The quality is very good and the hybrid monoball end are unique to anything else I looked at. Although they are a bit heavy I am very pleased with M7 products and customer service.

Ultimate rear grills by The Big Mini Guy

These grills are very well mage and fit great and best of all there a perfect match the the ultimate front grills that I already have on mt Mini.

Awesome Customer Service by Gary F

You guys really are the World Leader in not just Mini Parts but Customer Service too!! I can’t tell you what a privilege it is to work with a professional team like M7 Speed. ........ After 16 years in the car restoration can imagine I’ve bought LOTS of parts & dealt with many suppliers & individuals. M7 has the best customer service and great quality parts too!

Excellent Product by Sven L.

I am a fan of M7 products, and this oil can is something I felt was a necessity for the car, I wish I had installed it when I purchased the car. Granted, I only have 17K on the odometer so its early in its life. The installation was relatively easy, the outlet tube connection is a bit tight but does fit eventually with a little assistance. My only complaint is the site location where the oil can sits is pretty tight but I was getting this really annoying rattle from the engine compartment. Turns out the can was vibrating against the strut tower. It was an easy fix with a little bit of Dynamat on the tower frame and it resolved the issue. It took approximately 40 minutes to install and I could not be happier!

R61 2015 Paceman S by Tom R

Had a Megan Racing Strut Tower Brace and replaced it with the M7. Amazing difference for sure. A must for anyone wanting to add stability and increased handling.

excellent product by joepugs78

My diag tool was throwing up 2 cylinder misfires. Decided it was more cost effective to go with the ignition kit. Money well spent. Cheaper than OEM and running strong. I'll definitely be looking here first when the mini has issues.

Great Exhaust Note by Dwight

The sound of the Borla Sport exhaust is music to your ears. This really makes the Mini stand out amongst the crowd.

Fits perfect. Performance gain. Sounds great. by Nice Upgrade

Easy upgrade.

Solid build with an obvious lack of testing... by Tom W

As a tire carrier, this thing is 100% solid. The problem with this is that they clearly never thought to test this rig on a model with reverse sensors. The rig completely blocks the middle two reverse sensors, rendering them useless. Whenever you go in reverse, the car will scream at you because it thinks you're about to hit something. The solution I was given by M7 was to either live with it, disconnect my sensors, or return it... How do you miss something this big?

Oil Catch Can (Carbon Fiber) by Stancemini

Big bang for your buck. Good quality. Shop M7.

Amazing quality with great results! by mballer93

The product (M7 MAXX-Flo Intake) was quickly shipped and we couldn't be happier. High quality craftsmanship and attention to detail as well as clear installation instructions. Had the intake for about a week and have noticed better airflow, spooling, and throttle response. Able to hear the blow off valve at low boost now and it sounds amazing! Definitely will order through M7 again!

Good by Trawwww

Parts look great just took a little bit longer than expecting on shipping

Needs more mounting points by tw

Looks great, seems pricey for what it is. It only has mounting fasteners in the top, it needs mounting points on the bottom too. We are happy with it overall, just worried it won’t last or will get damaged if improperly handled during hood opening.

Great when you have added Lowering Springs to your Mini by Tom R

Great addition to my lowered 2015 Mini Cooper Paceman S with Megan Racing Lowering Springs. Great Product! A Must buy for anyone wanting to lower their Mini!!

Quick install, nice quality by Duran

The only way this takes 10 minutes to install is it you are pounding beers. Looks great and I expect it will work as good, I'll find out tomorrow

Great first mod step by KT

As a first step in modding your mini this is a great one. The car sounds faster making great turbo and blow off noises now. It also feels faster top end pulling to redline more energetically. Would definetly recommend!

Fantastic Quality & Value by MrPlayground

As with all the products that I’ve bought from m7, you get top quality for the price. This toe hook is not the cheap imitations you can buy on line. It is extremely well made and worth the price, espionage you actually have to use it. Great job m7!

Not Worth It by wedge

Frankly, not work the money. Spend half of this and wrap your headers. It's great if you plan on driving 65mph the entire time but if you're in stop/go traffic it actually inhibits cooling airflow.

I give you five stars by R53-Beto

Very good quality except a part that still does not get me but everything else very well

I’ll give you five stars by R53-beto

It looks like to the original just hope it lasts the same as the original but very well

Ignition kit by Jogunn


I give you five stars by Roberto66

The best parts for mini Cooper

M7 Speed is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 240 user reviews.