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Custom Hood Scoops

Custom Hood Scoops

The Mini Cooper has no equal on the road. Their unique design is so different from all the other cars on the road that heads begin to turn as soon as a Mini Cooper comes into view. However, the factory hood scoop leaves a lot to be desired. It’s flat and low profile looks OK but its functionality is horrible. A scoop is intended to do just that; scoop air to feed the engine and cool the engine compartment. Because the factory Mini Cooper hood scoop sits low and flush to the hood it is below the free flow air stream where the high speed air is flowing over the car. In aerodynamic terms, the air close to the car actually has very little flow or energy, and is called the boundary layer. This boundary layer acts as a type of friction reducer or bearing surface to help the high energy air in the free flow airstream easily flow around and over the car.

M7 Tuning offers three styles of hood scoops that reach up into this fast moving airstream and grabs all it can take in to feed your engine and cool the under hood area. The M7 Tuning Ram Scoop is a mild version of our scoop line up, looking similar to a factory scoop but with a raised top edge that seeks out to grab clean free flowing high speed air. Next is our M7 Tuning Vortex Hood Scoop with distinctive tear drop shaped flow straighteners on the floor of the scoop and an even higher top edge to grab even more fresh air. At the outer limits is the M7 Tuning Extreme Hood Scoop. This is a very upright and high reaching scoop design with nothing like it available anywhere on the planet. It is aggressive and very functional. We also manufacture specialty scoops for the M7 Tuning DFIC Intercooler system. Soon to be released is our new M7 Tuning Ultimate Hood Scoop line for both the R53 & R56 platforms.

So, whether you are the proud owner of a Generation One R53 Supercharged S Mini Cooper or a Generation 2 Turbocharged Mini Cooper like a R55 Clubman S, R56 Mini Cooper S, R57 Mini Cooper S Convertible, R58 2 seat Mini Coupe S or R59 2 seat Mini Cooper Roadster s, you will find a Mini Cooper custom hood scoop at M7 Tuning. All M7 Tuning hood scoops are proudly Made in the U.S.A.. Each one is hand crafted from durable marine grade fiberglass or by using an exotic dry carbon fiber molding process. Just look through our model listings and find a scoop that will fits your needs and budget.

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