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Stage 3 Power Pack | Gen 2 R55-R59 Turbocharged MINI Cooper

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Quick Overview

The Stage 3 BIG PERFORMANCE KIT | Now bundled with MANIC Tunes | Save upto $115 additional

For the Generation 2 Turbo cars we have bundled 7 of our most popular engine performance parts into a affordable and easy to install kit.  These components add big power, great turbo sound and awesome under hood looks to your MINI Cooper.  Build your own kit....many finish and color options are available.


  • MAXX-FLO Intake - Filter & Color options available

  • M7 Turbo Charge Pipe - Color options available

  • M7 Turbo Heat Shield - Finish Options available

  • M7 Oil Catch Can Kit - Choice of Aluminum or Carbon Fiber

  • Milltek Catless Downpipe

  • Wagner Street Performance Intercooler

  • (4) NGK Iridium Plus Spark Plugs - Std or +1 colder

  • Manic ECU Tune-Purchase a Manic Tune with this kit and save upto an additional $115!

Fitment Notes

Fits all 2007-2015 Gen 2 turbo models
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M7 Speed - Manic ECU Tuning Brochure

M7 Speed Stage 3 Power Pack

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  • M7 Speed Stage 3 Power Pack
  • M7 Speed Stage 3 Power Pack
  • MAXX-Flo Pleated Intake
  • Turbo Charge Pipes
  • MAXX-Flo Foam Filter
  • MAXX-Flo & Charge pipe

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Regular Price: $1,794.00

Sale Price $1,668.42


The Stage 3 BIG PERFORMANCE KIT  | Now Bundled with Manic Tune | Save upto $115 additional

  • MAXX-FLO Intake - Filter & Color options available
  • M7 Turbo Charge Pipe - Color options available
  • M7 Turbo Heat Shield - Finish Options available
  • M7 Oil Catch Can Kit - Choice of Aluminum or Carbon Fiber
  • Milltek Catless Downpipe-Options Available
  • Wagner Street Performance Intercooler
  • (4) NGK Iridium Plus Spark Plugs - Std or +1 colder
  • Optional Manic ECU Tune-Purchase the Manic Tune with this kit and save upto an additional $115!

For the Generation 2 Turbo cars we have bundled 7 of our most popular engine performance parts into a affordable and easy to install kit.  These components add power, great turbo sound and awesome under hood looks to your MINI Cooper.  Design your own kit...many finish and color options are available. Buy as a bundle and save $$$$.

The Kit without a Manic Tune will add increased throrttle response, low end torque and improved drivability.  Add a Manic Stage 1 or 2 Tune and gain upto 50HP at the wheels. Click HERE to learn more about the Manic Tunes and required vehicle upgrades.

Product Detail Below:

MAXX-FLO Intake 

The M7 Speed MAXX-FLO (TM) fresh air system is our newest offereing for all Generation 2 MINI. It fits all R55 through R59 MINIs with N14 & N18 Turbocharged engines and the R60 Countryman and R61 Paceman. Our system directly replaces the restrictive stock air box with a precision fabricated aluminum frame that securely connects into the factory mounting points for simple installation. The M7 design eliminates all the problems found on other aftermarket systems. Included with every MAXX-FLO(TM) kit is our proven low restriction foam air filter which adds more air flow, engine performance and great sound to your beloved MINI.


  • Sturdy heavy gauge aluminum & TIG welded construction.
  • Matte black super durable powder coat finish with a laser cut stainless steel M7 medallion. 
  • 12" long x 5 " diameter dual stage super high flow/low restriction washable foam filter that will outflow any air demand your engine will ever need. 
  • OPTIONAL: 8" long x 6" dia pleated washable filter is available
  • The 100% silicone connection elbow fits perfectly to the factory MAF housing. Available in 3 color choices | BLACK | BLUE | RED |
  • Unlike other systems on the market the MAF sensor stays in the stock location. No modifications necessary.
  • The air filter element securely mounts to a sturdy metal adapter tube, not to the delicate plastic (and very expensive) MAF sensor housing. 
  • The M7 R56 Vortex 2 Scoop (PN 56-4M7202 or 56-4M7203) will be a fabulous addition to this system in terms of style and air volume entering under the hood and feeding the open filter element. The Vortex 2 Scoop is sold separately.
  • Heat is Enemy Number 1 under the hood of the R56. We recommend adding our turbo heat shield (PN 56-3M7111 or 56-3M7115) as part of the installation. The Turbo Heatsheild is sold separately.
  • Ease of installation

100% Made in The USA

TECH NOTES: If your vehicle is not equipped with a MAF Sensor (most early non-USA models) you will need the optional MAF Spacer|Adapter to connect properly to stock components on your car.

If using a stock scoop, removal of the factory blocking plate is recommended.


MAXX-FLO Intake System is now C.A.R.B. EO #D-766 listed.

C.A.R.B. EO # D-766 allows you to legally purchase, install and use the M7 Speed MAXX-FLO Performance Intake System on your car in all 50 States and leagally pass state vehicle inspections. The M7 Speed MAXX-FLO Performance Intake System can be used on all Gen 2 Turbocharged MINIs through 2013 model year. This product has received a California Air Resources Board Executive Order (CARB EO) number, exempting it from the prohibitions of California Vehicle Code (CVC) 27156, which states that you cannot modify your car in the area of the emission control system. The C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-766 number allows you to legally use the M7 Speed intake system on your car in all 50 States.

M7 Turbo Charge Pipe

The M7 Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe is a silicone hose that runs from the turbocharger's outlet to the intercooler's inlet, replacing the stock piping between these two components. The OEM parts were designed from the factory to silence any sound by breaking up the air path with restrictive piping and baffles. 

With the M7 Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe, the charged air coming from the turbocharger sees nothing but the smooth inner walls of the tubing and smooth mandrel bends allowing uninterrupted airflow to the intercooler. The pure sweet sound of the turbo is now able to be heard so you and everyone around knows when you put your foot into it!

On the dyno, installation of the M7 Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe resulted in gains of 3.6 horsepower and 11.3 ft-lb of torque AT THE WHEELS!

Increase your MINI's performance, awaken the pure turbo sound while sprucing up the engine bay.Available in BLACK | RED | BLUE


M7 Turbo Heat Shield

 The M7 Turbo Heat shield is designed to fit over the stock turbo using pre-existing mounting points. It's lined with a custom nano ceramic thermal blanket to minimize the heat flowing to the rest of the engine bay. The thinner insulating material has amazing heat rejection qualities. It is the same material and blanket construction used on all NASCAR and endurance race cars who generate huge amounts of heat at very high temperatures for sustained periods of time. That is why we have chosen this material. IT IS PROVEN AND IT WORKS!

The M7 Turbo Heat shield is better than anything else on the market for a number of reasons:

  • It does not completely encase the turbocharger as some have assumed (the turbocharger hot section is actually fully wrapped in its own, factory installed heat shield). The OEM heat shield is ineffective at preventing long term hood paint and hood scoop damage.
  • The M7 Turbo Heat Shield is open on three sides allowing heat to escape down and away from the turbo. Heat rejection is enhanced by the air flow through the radiator. The majority of radiant heat that wants to rise will be reflected down and away from the hood by the M7 insulating heat shield.
  • All material will heat soak when exposed to higher temperatures (due to hard driving) and all material will eventually heat up. The factory installed heat shield has a limited ability to insulate the the hood from the turbo heat. Thus, the addition of the M7 Turbo Heat Shield is a huge benefit as it adds a second high performance layer of heat protection and will delay the time it takes for the destructive heat to harm your scoop, hood paint and heat soak the engine compartment
  • The M7 heat shield is a very simple installation using 2 easily accessible factory holes. Installation of the M7 Turbo Heat Shield DOES NOT require you to remove the bolts to the engine's cam cover.
  • The addition of the M7 Turbo Heat shield adds a finished look to your engine compartment for that added WOW! effect with the Mirror Polished finish or the Matte Black finish when you show off your MINI to friends or at a local car show.
  • Used as an additional layer of protection to your hood and hood scoop. Designed as a second layer of defense as is to be used in conjunction with the factory turbo heat shield and not as a replacement.
  •  All necessary mounting hardware is included. Using pre-existing mounting points in the engine bay eliminates the need to drill or add extra brackets. 15-25 minutes is the most you'll need!


M7 Oil Catch Can

 By capturing excess oil vapor and particles, the M7 Oil Catch Can ensures that oil film and sludge will not become a factor in your vehicle's performance. If you don't think your engine is pumping oil back through your intake system, remove the breather tube and look at all the oil!.  The breather tube connects directly to you intake hose and directs this oily mess back through your engine to be burned.

 Now with our exclusive "Exact-Fit" pre-assembled hose kit and brackets makes installation super-easy for the DIYer


  • Bright black anodized for corrosion protection or Billet aluminium and carbon fiber option
  • Pre-assembled hose assemblies
  • Stainless steel bracket and mounting hardware
  • Eliminate intake tract oil contamination and intake valve damage.
  • Prevent pre-mature sensor failure
  • Keep engine performance at peak levels

 The M7 Oil Catch Can is not only functional is a work of automotive performance ART! It is CNC machined from billet aluminum and adds a sharp look to your engine compartment.

 All hoses, brackets, clamps, necessary fittings and easy to follow detailed step-by-step instructions are included, including an oil drain plug and an easy to view sight tube. The sight tube lets you know the amount of oil in the can. The hoses are high quality "Made in the USA" automotive grade designed to withstand the rigors of the under-hood environment and to not degrade when exposed to oil. Beware of other "low cost" catch can systems that use silicone hoses because oil and silicone are not compatible. Silicone hoses will will eventually deteriorate and make an absolute mess of your engine compartment.

Milltek Catless Downpipe

Performance downpipe WITHOUT Catalytic Converter from MILLTEK. These are NOT street legal and only for OFF-ROAD or TRACK use.

Large Bore Downpipe with 2.50 inch (63.50mm) pipe diameter produced in high quality 304 aircraft grade stainless steel. This material is anti-magnetic (other manufacturers stainless steel may not be) and is less susceptible to discoloration. This quality of stainless steel is used on all pipework and the total construction of the silencer.

Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow and Milltek systems are increased in bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid range torque. Includes bungs for the O2 sensors.

Expect a check engine light (CEL) when using this product. With a Manic Tune CEL for no-cat is eliminated

This product is NOT street legal and can only be used for OFF-ROAD or TRACK applications.

Wagner Intercooler

The Wagner-Tuning intercooler is highly regarded in the German performance car aftermarket for brands like Audi, BMW, Porsche and VW.  It features full German CAD based design, cast aluminum end tanks (not welded sheet metal) which gives the highest flow with the lowest pressure drop, furnace brazed bar and plate core design all skillfully welded together to create a fantastic product.  No wonder all the German performance car forums are abuzz about Wagner-Tuning intercoolers.


  • High-performance "Tube Fin" Intercooler core with turbulators in a stepped design
  • Stepped design for maximum volume and minimum pressure drop.
  • Cast aluminum CAD / FEA optimized air tanks
  • Intercooler uses the original mounting points
  • ~220% larger frontal area compared to OEM intercooler
  • ~280% greater volume than OEM charge air intercooler
  • Simple installation
  • Optional Competition model weighs only 11lbs/5kg
  • Intercooler is painted matte black


  • 2x 14mm stainless steel clamps 
  • Complete Mounting Kit
  • Installation Instructions


 Because of the large size of the Competition intercooler minor trimming & modifications behind the bumper may be required.

NGK Spark Plugs: The top choice of professional MINI performance tuners.

Designed specifically for the performance enthusiast. NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs offer extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti-fouling. The most recommended and best performing spark plug for stock and modified MINI Coopers with N14B & N18B turbocharged engines.

  • Sold in a set of 4
  • Fine Iridium tip ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark
  • Iridium alloy has extremely high melting point, perfect for today's high-tech, high-performance engines
  • Trivalent Metal Plating - superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
  • Outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and durability
  • Ultimate design, technology and performance.
  • 0.6mm laser welded iridium tip
  • Iridium alloy is extremely durable against heat, corrosion, and electrical wear
  • Tapered ground electrode to minimize "quenching effect"

Select desired heat range when ordering.

  • Standard Heat Range: Best choice for daily driver with minor engine modifications
  • +1 Colder Heat Range: Recommended for cars with performance engine mods, Manic Tunes and sustained high RPM track driving running 93+ octane fuel.

Compatibility Chart

No No No No No No No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No No No No No No No No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No No No No No No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No No No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
No No No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Additional Information

Free Shipping No
Manufacturer M7 Speed
Mfg's Part # 60-555100
Shipping Weight 16.0000
Length 18
Width 12
Height 10
Country of Manufacture United States

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